The story is from a movie. And in Sanlucar de Barrameda, the news, sotto voce, has fallen like a bomb: the arrest of Pedro Barbadillo for his alleged involvement in a network of drug traffickers. And not just anyone, since the Civil Guard considers that it is an operation that dismantles one of the most important marijuana and hashish trafficking networks in Europe. 61 years old, he is very well known in the Cadiz town for belonging to the winery familyBarbadillo. Also, he has been a spokesperson and a member of the local PP, and then also a member of VOX, a party that he left in October when no one knew yet that he had been under investigation since April. I never would have thought it, says an acquaintance. He is always in the bars because working does not work. He has always lived on the income. He did not miss a Rocío. He is the only one of his brothers who did not study and that he grew up well, he was one of those who went with a driver.

Many thought this week that life takes many turns since Barbadillo was convicted in 2004 precisely for linking the mayor of Sanlucar de Barrameda, Irene Garcia (PSOE), and two councilors to the same drug trafficking with which now, presumably, he is it relates to him, if applicable, with detention and statement included. In 2001, and hiding his identity with the pseudonym Bobby Fisher, he wrote a comment in a digital newspaper: Has Maria Jose Valencia or the Mora family (Víctor, Inma, and the mayoress) apologized for their families’ contacts with the world of drug trafficking? the Sanluquenos. Behind was he, who at that time was a spokesman for the PP in the town of Cadiz. The Civil Guard fully identified him as the author when verifying the ownership of the IP of his computer.

Years later his stage in the PP culminated, he joined VOX. He came to occupy a position within the provincial party as one of those responsible for team management. “He kept the agenda, organized meetings, was entrusted to go to the copy shop for posters says a party source. However, in October he was expelled although he also requested it. It was not because of what he did, but because of what he did not do. He did absolutely nothing. Of course, he always asked to be entrusted with things of greater responsibility, but he did not comply with even the most basic. In November, when they were terminated, they discovered to their surprise that, as an affiliate, they had not paid a single fee.

The Civil Guard had been investigating him, and the rest of the plot, since last April. He is one of the 24 arrested for the alleged crimes of drug trafficking and belonging to a criminal organization. During the 14 searches carried out, 1,467 kilos of hashish were seized, 600 kilos of marijuana buds vacuum-packed and ready for export, as well as two indoor marijuana plantations and more than 870,000 euros in cash.

The organization was dedicated to transporting marijuana and hashish from the province of Cádiz to European countries such as Germany, France, and the Netherlands. For this, they used large-tonnage trucks to which they made double funds to hide the drug, or they camouflaged it among the declared cargo, mainly tubers and vegetables. The truck loading area – and also the nurse’s warehouse was an industrial warehouse, located at number 26 of the Navestrella industrial estate in Jerez de la Frontera. The warehouse is strategically located, with access to Highway 3107 and AP 4, near Estella del Marques, sources from the Armed Institute tell EL MUNDO. A place of extraordinary logistical interest whose owner is Pedro Barbadillo. After making a statement and denying any involvement, release with charges.

However, sources of the investigation maintain that his role would have been, presumably, more important because of his contacts: we believe that there are indications that he has been able to act as a frontman or frontman of the organization thanks to his last name, to give normality to the screening company. His name appears on numerous occasions in conversations with the drug ring, obtained through wiretapping.

The vehicles were prepared and loaded with drugs in the rented warehouse, where the trailers also remained stopped until the transaction was formalized and the movement was carried out. The truck was always preceded by a passenger car that served as a shuttle vehicle, and that reported the presence of Civil Guard agents on the road carrying out controls.

The screen company takes another script twist to the story. This is Bahialand, dedicated for many years to children’s celebrations. Its owner, Enrique Cárdenas, alias ‘Amador’, is considered one of the leaders of the organization. He is a well-known businessman from Jerez, although born in Barcelona, ​​who combined his business activities with the alleged indoor cultivation of marijuana. El Mundo has learned that he already had a record in Cádiz for hashish drug trafficking.

The marijuana they sold – vacuum-packed – was genetically altered to increase its levels of THC to increase its price in the market, and make it more attractive for its international market by guaranteeing a greater effect. The demand was so high that they came to buy the production of buds from other suppliers: they came to buy whole crops in advance, to ensure the product stocks for their exports. To accumulate the buds they grew and bought, they used the Bahialand warehouse to try to go unnoticed, to preserve the facilities from possible police interventions or robberies by other organizations.


The ramifications of the framework begin to be revealed with the first apprehension of drugs in a vehicle in Granada: 1,037 kilos of hashish and 865,000 euros in 20 and 50 euro bills are discovered hidden, and the driver is arrested. Based on the evidence obtained in that first truck, the Civil Guard begins to work in collaboration with the French and German authorities. The second arrest takes place in Poitiers (France) when a truck loaded with potatoes from Sanlúcar de Barrameda is inspected and 252 kilos of vacuum-packed buds are found. Later would come more, such as the 91 kilos of buds in Villa del Rio (Cordoba) in September or the 55 kilos of buds and 420 of hashish pollen discovered in Bailen (Jaen). In November, a truck was intercepted in Girona, already in the Junquera pass, with 117 kilos of marijuana.

The organization had a perfectly hierarchical structure for a long time. There were 14 domiciliary searches, authorized by the head of the Court of Instruction number 2 of Jerez de la Frontera. There were six in Jerez, two in Sanlúcar, one in Arcos, another in Puerto de Santa María, three in Lebrija, and one in Dos Hermanas, arresting 18 people. Two indoor marijuana plantations with 819 plants were dismantled and 74 kilos of marijuana buds vacuum packed ready for shipment were seized; 5,800 euros in cash maintenance team to promote the growth of indoor plantations 5 vehicles, a multitude of telephones, and numerous documentation. the record they were made simultaneously, to prevent members of the alleged plot from alerting each other. To be able to do them at the same time, the presence of 200 Civil Guard agents was necessary.