Las hours pass and more details are coming to light of the first super classic of the year that Boca Juniors and River Plate played last in La Bombonera. On this occasion, all the lights point towards Marcelo Gallardo coach of the Millonario.

And it is due to the strong claim he made to defender Robert Rojas, who could not stop Carlos Tevez in the action that culminated in 2-2. Thanks to a video published by Espn at the end of the game Gallardo can be clearly heard telling his pupil.

Break his ankle Then a more rude order on the brand becomes clear. Get tougher damn it he remarked as he grabbed his back and patted his chest. Rojas’s very serious mistake on that play was trying to anticipate Tevez. That was what the Boca captain was looking for. The rush of River’s defender made it easier for the attacker who found the space to pass the pass for Villa’s entrance.