Manifest Season 3

The good news is as the NBC drama has been renewed for a third season, we will get answers to all the questions we have about the very enigmatic Manifesto. The bad news is that it could take a little longer than expected. But for now, we’re rounding up everything we know about the series after those who returned and their loved ones after being presumed dead, such as after a plane vanished for five years. Described as a cross between Lost and The Leftovers, each week during its second outing, NBC’s Manifest continued to draw in die-hard fans. When live viewings and catch-up streams were combined, its 13-episode season two-run averaged 7.7 million viewers, so it’s no surprise that it has been renewed for season three.


The third season will begin after the final four months of season two. A few points about the plot are: a character can reappear quite suddenly from Grace’s family, and Jeff and Saanvi are trying to find out more about Flight 828. The first “tailfin” episode of season three. We can see that one of the parts of the flight, from the very beginning, has been submerged in the ocean. In season three, Saanvi will be the main subject as she tries to think of ways to get away from the murder she committed. Will she get it for a clean chit? Is there someone to support her? How is she going to get over the pain caused by this crime?


The cast members have not changed anything and the main characters will be returning as they were before. Josh Dallas will be back as Ben Stone, and Melissa Roxburgh will return as his girlfriend, Michaela Stone. The other characters who will be in season 3 are—Luna Blaise as the Stone of Olive, Melissa Roxburgh, like Michaela Stone, is going to be Josh Dallas is going to act like Ben Stone, JR Ramirez will play the Jared Vasquez character, Cal Stone as Jack Messina, Grace Stone as Athena Karkanis

Release Date

On June 15, following the end of series two earlier this year, Manifest was renewed for a third season by NBC. However, the network has not yet revealed an exact release date for the new season. Until season two dropped in January 2020, the first season was released on the channel in September 2018. Viewers should expect to see the show in April or May 2021, following the same release schedule.