Lucifer Season 6

Lucifer season six is now set to be the finale of the top-rated Netflix series. It was originally brought to the streaming giant by Fox. Season 6 has already been filmed, but fans eagerly await Season 5’s second part. Season 5B will hit the streaming service in May, so let’s see what viewers can look forward to and when season 6 will be on Netflix.

Lucifer Season 6 Details

The detective series follows the titular ruler in Hell as he flees his realm and moves to Los Angeles. There, he falls for a LAPD detective. From there, he uses his manipulative powers to uncover people’s true intentions to help solve murders. Lucifer was a Fox original in its first three seasons. It was canceled by Fox and revived by Netflix. The main protagonist confronted his twin brother Michael in Chapter 5B after God entered and announced that he was leaving.

ET spoke with Henderson and Modrovich about the biggest surprises in Lucifer Season 5’s second season. Both Modrovich and Henderson answered the question “Yes” to whether the final season would feature a similar time jump to season 5A. However, they declined to specify when or how far. Henderson replied, “We’re going not to leap that far.” Modrovich made a joke about Modrovich: “We just start Lucifer, Chloe, in the old-age home.” Just doing… Water aerobics. You bet. Why not? It is possible!

Netflix has not yet revealed a release date for Lucifer season 6. However, it is expected that it will arrive in 2021. This is a possibility considering that the season ended production in spring 2021. Therefore, the season may debut in the winter or fall of 2021. That would be the ideal situation. Netflix’s seasons are sometimes spaced out by approximately a year. Season 5 was concluded in May 2021. Some fans predict that Season 6 will premiere in May 2022. Although we aren’t sure if Netflix will keep viewers waiting that long, it is expected that the series finale will be released in 2022.

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