Lucifer Season 6

One of the showrunners for Lucifer just gave some clues about Chloe Decker’s adventures for season 6.

Season 6 is already in production. Fans wonder what will happen to Chloe Decker when the series is over. MCE TV explains everything, from A to Z!

Release Date

Since Lucifer The sixth season of Season 6 finished production in March 2021. However, they are probably still in postproduction. Netflix has now released the series. Lucifer The second part of season 5 will be released in Q2. It is likely that it will take some months for the final season to drop. It’s most likely that they won’t release it in Q4 because it is unlikely. Lucifer The premiere of season 6 is not expected until 2022. However, the global pandemic has made things a little easier and there are fewer episodes available, so it is possible. Lucifer Netflix will soon have season 6 available.

Lucifer Season 6


As of right now, Lucifer will have Ellis, Lauren German. D. B. Woodside. Rachael Harrison, Aimee Garcia, Scarlett Estevez and Rachael Houston back as Lucifer Morningstar. Detective Chloe Decker. Amenadiel. Mazikeen. Dr. Linda Martin. Ella Lopez. The only change in the cast lineup is the death of Detective Dan Espinoza. His passing was tragically recorded in Lucifer’s fifth season. Kevin Alejandro will not be a regular in the series, but he will appear in Lucifer season 6. Inbar Lavi shared the news via social media that Eve would be returning.

Lucifer season 6 introduces two new regular guest stars. Merrin Dungey portrays Sonya, a member of the L.A. Police Academy. Rory will be played by Brianna Hildebrand. After episode 5, part 2, Lucifer season 6, Scott Porter will officially return Carol Corbett to Ella, the officer Dan had been trying to set up. Lucifer’s writers tease a new mystery character. Many believe it to be Adam (of Adam & Eve). As of right now, however that hasn’t been confirmed and no casting was announced.