Lucifer Season 6

Lucifer season six is now set to be the finale of the top-rated Netflix series. It was originally brought to the streaming giant by Fox. Season 6 has already been filmed, but fans eagerly await Season 5’s second part. Season 5B will hit the streaming service in May, so let’s see what viewers can look forward to and when season 6 will be available.

Lucifer Season 6: Release Date

Netflix has yet not revealed the Lucifer 6 release date. To make matters worse, Netflix has not announced a release window for the final season of the Netflix original series either.

It’s the standard for Netflix. We’ve seen a lot of release dates and release months recently. So we’ll have to wait and see what Netflix has in store.

As of the time of publication, Lucifer season 6 might be out by 2021. There were some rumors that a Christmas special could happen in season 6, which would set up nicely for a December 2021 release date. It’s likely that this is the first time Netflix would release the season.

Netflix rarely releases new seasons within six months of each other. Lucifer season 5 part 2, was released at end of May. This would make November 2021 the exact end.

It’s more likely we will see Lucifer season 6, in early 2022. Netflix will be patient and allow many people to see season 5 before the final season is available. Six months is a long time between new seasons, so Lucifer season 6 needs to be released this year.

How Many Episodes In Lucifer Season 6?

Season 5 contains 16 episodes. Each episode is 8 in length. This won’t happen with Lucifer season 6. The final season in this Tom Kapinos series is only going to have ten episodes. Lucifer Season 6 will feature ten episodes. It was announced shortly after the renewal in June 23.