Lucifer Season 6

Netflix has ordered an unlikely sixth season for Lucifer’s demonic drama.

Warner Bros. looked set to cancel Season 3 of their show about a city-dwelling angel. However, Netflix took the reins and bought the fourth season. Netflix ordered another series of episodes after the series, which was struggling to get subscribers, performed well. Fans believed that the fifth season would see the end of Lucifer Morningstar (Tom Ellis), who was a DC Comics character. Netflix claims that it isn’t so.

The official Twitter page of Lucifer announces that Lucifer has been given permission to rise again. This effectively doubles its run if it were still on network TV. Season 5 was split into 16 episodes, with the first eight to air later this year. The timing of the final run will be known once the back 8 episodes air (likely in 2021).

Netflix Lucifer’s sixth series early in production, but Ellis resisted the offer.

Lucifer Season 6

Lucifer Miraculously Cleared The Five-Season Hurdle

Lucifer isn’t just the first series to hit a snag in negotiations after season 5. Sixth seasons are often difficult for Netflix distributors. The majority of initial TV contracts lock in stars and personnel for only five seasons. Distributors often have to deal with key talent in order to extend the series’s life to six seasons. It sounds like Ellis went through this.

Lucifer is a series that relies on the charismatic lead actor. It’s hard to imagine another iteration without Ellis. He probably knows this and so do his agents. Netflix’s lawyers were forced to work overtime to secure the star for another run. Fortunately, all issues that were left are now resolved to everyone’s satisfaction.

The sixth season will reportedly be the last one, which seems a bit odd for a series about the devil-made flesh. Netflix has not yet confirmed the season’s length and timing, but it is safe to assume that no new episodes will be coming to Netflix until the latter part of next year. The expected episode count will be somewhere in the range of season 4’s ten to season 5’s 16.