Lucifer Season 6

Series star Tom Ellis has revealed the first look for Lucifer season 6, in a social media post. Ellis shared a photo in which he was dressed up as Lucifer Morningstar and posed on Back to the Future’s famous car, the DMC DeLorean. Lucifer season six will see the titular antihero traveling through time. Lucifer’s new status as God allows him to travel to any place and time, DeLorean or otherwise. Lucifer can travel to any place, DeLorean or not. Is this some God-level flex? Lucifer season 6’s first glimpse is inspiring so many questions!

After Chloe Decker had died, Lucifer made the ultimate sacrifice for his love and resurrected him. Lucifer’s death saved him from Hell and he became God’s successor.

Personally, however, Lucifer is now out to open about their feelings towards one another. Could this Lucifer season 6 first look be a glimpse of what date night looks, with God?

Lucifer showrunners Ildy Modrovich and Joe Henderson have teased a tone for season 6 that could culminate in the sort of photo Tom Ellis shared:

Lucifer Season 6

Modrovich explained that “Season 6 partly because COVID, became much more intimate season.” We knew we had done Season 5B in a very flashy way, and we didn’t want to do the same thing again. We decided to find a more intimate story for each of our characters. It was also more meaningful. We didn’t need to dig very deep to find stories for anyone. We just dug deeper with everybody.”

“Yeah. And though it is by far probably the most intimate season we’ve done, it also has the most expensive episode we’ve ever made,” So, we still have plenty of spectacle.”

It is hard to imagine an episode of Lucifer. It’s both intimate and spectacular – until Lucifer takes Chloe out on an intimate date, complete with all kinds of budget-straining Easter eggs. Back to the Future The DeLorean. It makes sense narratively: Lucifer looks like someone who mistakenly believes that his new power is God. However, he will have to admit that all of the “spectacles” won’t be enough to replace him fully opening up to her and being “intimate.”

We will see Lucifer season 6 when it arrives on Netflix.

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