Kahoot Hack Answers 2021 | All Methods & Extensions! (100% Working)


A one of its kind, online quiz-themed game learning platform founded by Johan Brand is Kahoot! Released back in March 2013 as a private beta version and officially to the public in September 2013, Kahoot has garnered over 50 million active users on a monthly basis by 2017. The quiz-like method of learning of guessing answers proves successful for learning and having fun. People also try Kahoot hack answers in order to score high.

With gameplay as simple as real-life quiz games, Kahoot makes learning efficient and interactive to younger generations. All users, other than the room’s creator, enter by PIN shown on the common screen or shared by the creator, who sets the points each player gets after getting a question right. Kahoot can be played on Skype, Google Hangouts, with support offered on multiple web browsers and apps built for smartphones.

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Kahoot Hack Answers: Is It Possible? (All Working Methods)

Every individual who takes a test, exam, competitive sport, or game wants to do well and excel in it, sometimes this winning-at-all-costs mindset takes a wrong turn, and people often opt for cheats and hacks. The same could be said for Kahoot, where students score well by using Kahoot hack answers. Such hacks can reveal answers to students or players and improve their grades by hook or crook. 

Be it for teachers or students, everyone is better off knowing these Kahoot hack answers, the students can finally breathe a sigh of relief from an unreasonable teacher, and a teacher can lookout for class pranksters trying to bypass quiz safety measures. This top-rated and interactive game can have scores ranging from 100,200,1000 or more as set by the creator, which adds to the challenge of being at the top of other players or students.

Is Kahoot Hackproof?

Even though hailed as hack-proof by the internet, Kahoot inhabits many exploits, bugs, and code workarounds which grants a hacker to develop applications to exploit those shortcomings of the website. Hackers create autonomous scripts and extensions for Kahoot hack answers which students or players use to ace quizzes.

Students trying to fool teachers on class quizzes, classmates helping each other out or just some ill-mannered pranksters looking for harmless fun in the classroom use these hacks. Kahoot hack answers can include bot flooding, username bypass, ghost player creation, or auto-answering methods. Even with such a huge range of exploits available to anyone over the internet after a simple Google search, these hacks aren’t guaranteed to offer satisfaction. Kahoot is continuously working to fix exploits, making it harder for people to hack Kahoot answers. 

kahoot hacks

Luckily, on the one hand, for people looking for Kahoot hack answers, the game-based platform is coded in Javascript, making it possible for hackers to find a workaround or bypass the website’s security protocols. On the other hand, people like Teachers, managers, professors looking to end disrespectful hacking or soliciting cheating can be at ease as students with little to no knowledge of hacking, coding, or scripting cannot hack Kahoot. For them, in this article, we would also cover how to be safe from Kahoot hack answers.

Best Kahoot Hacks 2021

With numerous Hacks available on the internet, some work satisfactorily while some fail as time passes and the website improves its firewalls. Given below are some latest Kahoot hack answer methods:

Kahoot can be hacked in multiple ways, scripts, bugs, extensions, and more. We would first talk about promising Google chrome extensions of Kahoot hack answers.

Kahoot Flooder

This Google Chrome extension, available right now on the chrome web store, floods the User’s given Kahoot server with a randomized number of scripted automated bots who then send out multiple answers to the Kahoot quiz on-screen, confusing the creator or teacher, which might result in shutting down the quiz! Fingers crossed! Link here: Flooder 

Invisible Kahoot name

For someone fascinated by Invisibility superpower, this Google chrome extension can provide just that in Kahoot! The extension lets the player hide their Kahoot name displayed on the screen, making the space next to the player’s answers empty. It’s a decent method of staying anonymous and still participating in Kahoot Quiz. Link here: Invisible Kahoot Name

Kahoot Keys

Next on the list is a smart-kid tool, which is not exactly a Kahoot hack answer but acts like one if used right. Kahoot is a quiz-game grading platform that uses time-bound quizzes and marks accordingly by who answers fastest and right. If a player has a way to answer faster than other players, they will score better. This extension does just that. It lets the user answer without movement of the mouse by using the number keys instead, granting a little time advantage in answering the questions. Link here: Keys

Kahoot Quicker

Working similarly to the above tool/hack, this chrome extension lets the player answer by Q, W, E, R keys on the keyboard instead of a mouse or number pad. This works quite well for players who are more used to typing, know key placement in the keyboard, and have a relatively faster typing speed. Link here: Quicker

For Users looking for a more sophisticated way to troll their teachers and fellow quiz takers, web browser scripts are a great way to accomplish that.

Kahoot hack/Mem-rip

   Perhaps the most widely known tool to hack Kahoot! Kahoot Hack is a script made by a hacker to facilitate server spamming with multiple methods. Players can easily access the hack by entering their game pin displayed on their Kahoot quiz room screen. The script also enables the user to “Access Hack” as per the below instructions:

  • Click on “Access hack” at the top side of the page 
  • Here, you will see three tabs, namely “Bots,” ”Spoof Winner,” ”Special area.”
  • The bots tab has a column for setting your Kahoot game id number and searching your Kahoot username.

You can customize bot names and add the option of auto-play to let bots spam answers in the quiz. By controlling flood bots numbers in the next column, you can cause the server to lag or crash. Detailed information in the tabulated form is given for every bot number and name the player has created with their score also displayed.

  • The spoof Winner tab lets you customize your in-game points from outside the game, just enter your Kahoot username and points desired. The player can also set the position from 1st-5th or loser and display it as a fake winner.
  • Players can engage in even more functions and features in the Special Area tab by entering the Key, if available.


Perhaps a bit more complicated than other scripts and extensions mentioned here, but one of the most well made and transparent to the user on its working, making, and use.  KahoothackGO is a whole package of hacks assembled for players by reverse engineering parts of the protocol of Kahoot! 

The package includes the following scripts:

  • Kahoot flood- Lets the user join a Kahoot game any number of times with his own choice of names.
  • Kahoot rand- Connects to a game a random number of times, each time answering every question arbitrarily, increasing more chances to win.
  • Kahoot profane- Workarounds Kahoot nickname security protocols, allowing users to have any nickname
  • Kahoot play- Plays Kahoot continuously 

Steps to install kahoothackGO:

  • To install this hack, users must have the GO programming language installed and running. 
  • Configure “GOPATH
  • Using the following command to install scripts-

 go get github.com/gorilla/websocket

For android-

  • Download TERMUX on the phone
  • Type command line :

apt update

apt install curl

curl https://raw.githubusercontent.com/unixpickle/kahoot-hack/master/kh-tmux-setup.sh > kh-tmux-setup.sh

chmod +x kh-tmux-setup.sh


After installing scripts from the package, users can run the “Kahoot-flood/main.go” program to start the bot flooding in the Kahoot quiz room. Other scripts are used similarly.

How to Stop Players from Using Cheats, Extensions, or Scripts?

As a young, naive kid, trolling can seem fun or hilarious at times, but the teachers, professors, or organization managers bear the load of such nuisance and chaos in the workplace. Teachers get demotivated by students interfering in serious class tests and work. Hence they need options to curb cheating and stop Kahoot hack answers.

What the creator of quiz or teacher can do in these situations is:

  •  Making sure students are on the very latest version of Kahoot
  • Taking their smartphone away during the quiz, if possible
  • Making the Kahoot quiz room private instead of public
  • Shortening the time period of answering a quiz question
  • Installing software to monitor on-screen laptop or desktop activity during the quiz
  • Upgrading their network firewall to block existing hack sites on the internet
  • Managing, recognizing, blocking, and submitting reports of Chrome extensions related to cheats or hacks
  • Sharing PIN at the last second possible before the quiz

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A simple google search can show an internet newbie a long list of hacks available after searching “Kahoot hack.” All the pages and blogs only describe available hacks but not working ones! And for that exact reason, below is the compiled list of non-working hacks and extensions, as we don’t want to waste your time checking extra links and websites. Stay beware!

  1. Kahoot bot chrome extension – removed from Chrome web store permanently. 
  2. Kahoot smash – removed from Chrome web store permanently.
  3. Kahoot Ninja – one of the most famous Kahoot hack sites, clicking on the link leads to different unrelated promotional websites.
  4. Kahoot auto answer extension – removed from Chrome web store permanently, used to exploit bugs to guess and spam answers in the quiz, changing points won by the player per right answer and losing quiz on purpose.
  5. Kahoot rocks – also a hugely popular hack back in the day, Kahoot rocks is now out of service. Clicking the link will take the user to an index web page with leftover memories of the project.
  6. Kahoot winner – site down and offline indefinitely, this site can automatically declare the user winner in Kahoot quiz.

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FAQs | Kahoot Hack Answers

Is Hacking Kahoot Quiz rooms illegal?

Every form of hacking, be it for apps, software, websites, or firmware, is illegal unless acting on behalf of or under an organization allowing you to hack deliberately. Kahoot hacking has become an online fun activity for youngsters looking to prank teachers, score well by cheats, or create chaos, resulting in punishment deemed fit by educational institutions.

Do Kahoot hack answers always work?

Every hack, script, or extension exploits the gaps in the coding of the Kahoot security protocols. Kahoot works continuously to fix bugs, exploits that such hackers take advantage of to create unfair competition in quizzes. As a result, many hacks and scripts may fail over time and won’t work again in real-time.

Which option is better for Kahoot hack answers, scripts, or extensions?

Both options are low effort and satisfactory. It really comes down to the user’s choice, whether they like to install a separate chrome extension for Kahoot or use pre-existing websites offering scripts of hacks. Scripts have a slightly better chance of success as Google chrome web store bans extensions threatening Kahoot’s security.

Can Kahoot hack answers be stopped or countered?

Some Schools employ software and scripts that monitor the on-screen movement of students’ laptops or desktops, a network block script to stop students from accessing other websites during Kahoot, making quiz time even shorter to prevent students from cheating, or security firewall block hack sites from opening on the system. Teachers also try old-fashioned ways to stop players from using hacks by kicking them off the server or totally shutting down the game.

Closure | Kahoot Hack Answers

Kahoot is a wonderful, interactive, game-based learning experience providing education and fun to the players or students. Many Educational institutions use Kahoot for grading, tests, or class reviews. Some players get bored or want a shortcut to clearing these games, so they use Kahoot hack answers to upgrade their score, prank the quiz creator, and troll or help classmates.

These hacks can do several things, including bot floods, fake winners, or hiding players’ names. If done in the spirit of playfulness, meaning no harm or stress to others, these hacks are fun to play with, whereas people using them for bad practices may get consequences for their actions. Stay tuned in for more exciting news about trendy gadgets, apps, or tips and tricks. Give your opinion below in the comment section!