iFruit App Not Working | Here Is How to Fix It!


GTA custom assistant, iFruit App Not Working? There’s no way it should bother you anymore because here, we bring you the most appreciated solution in 2021. iFruit is available for android, as well as PS4, however by the name of it- it looks like this is especially an iOS app. This game enhancer is an accompanying application to GTA online, and we will discuss it more further in the article. However, if solving the iFruit app issue is of concern to you, please follow along. 

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iFruit App Not Working | How to Fix It?

iFruit App | What is It?

Who doesn’t wants to have their own custom plates inside GTA? You happen to get exactly the same with Los Santos Customs using the iFruit app. This app can be easily installed across a number of platforms. iFruit app is also inclusive of a rottweiler breed of a virtual pet dog.

ifruit app not working

You get to modify your own cars, make them, have custom nameplates, paint jobs, and a lot of other good stuff in the iFruit app. Directly affecting the character of Franklin, in the Grand Theft Auto V, in the game. Moreover, in the section ‘Chop The Dog’, the rottweiler usually is a frowny little pet who might get really angry very fast if treated not just right. And if you do all your tasks as a virtual pet master right and in balance. This would lead your character, Franklin, to have a very fulfilling relationship with the dog in GTA. 

Why is iFruit App Not Working?

The possible reasons for the iFruit App not loading or crashing is mostly from the developer’s end. Besides, it might happen that the internet or minor bugs might be causing it to fail. Some of the most common issues that users come across are following:

  • Installation issues with the iFruit App.
  • Update Problems with iFruit App in iOS.
  • Audio Problems with the iFruit App.
  • Video Loading problem with iFruit App in GTA online.
  • iFruit Notifications Problem. 
  • Unable to log in to the iFruit App.
  • Loading Error in iFruit App.
  • Server Error in iFruit App. 
  • Blank Screen Problem appears while opening the iFruit app.
  • Unable to download iFruit on your device.

Whatever the problem be, it is most likely the result of bugs. If not, then the plausible explanation is that the iFruit App is under maintenance. However, in a nutshell, it would look that by performing the below-mentioned fixes, you can have your way around the iFruit App issue swiftly. 

ifruit app not working

Fix iFruit App Not Working 2021 | iFruit App Not Working Solved

  • Restart Your Device
  • Offload the App
  • Change Your Network
  • Clear Cache
  • Change the Date and Time of your Device to Automatic
  • Check the App on Different Platform 

Use Bluestacks on PC For iFruit App

The only best way to mimic the Android platform on the Windows PC is to have an Emulator. Now, there really aren’t many options around when it comes to Emulators, especially the Android Emulators. However, even those that are Bluestacks, being one of the easiest and most functional, serve as best. 

ifruit app not working

So, if you are sure that the issue is from your end (your Android device), then this is your best shot. If you are already familiar with Bluestacks, then you must know the drill. However, to those for whom Bluestacks is a new term, we are here to help. 

Download Bluestacks from this link on your PC. Once downloaded, install it somewhere apart from the location of system files (C Drive). Once installed, just launch the software, and you can already see that it is just like some old android UI with large pixels and icons. There is nothing more you need to do except download the iFruit app from Playstore within Bluestacks and see if it works. It does for many, as discussed in the community. 

Reset Your Cars List In the GTA                      

If your latest customizations have caused an error to be, this can easily be fixed. An issue like this should probably never exist, but it looks like GTA does not pay much attention to the pre-existing bugs, and it’s already a topic of debate in the forums. But, be it whatever may, it’s for good that some players actually found the loop.

ifruit app not working

With all thanks to those unnamed heroes, here is what needs to be done. You need to launch the GTA game and run each of your cars out of the garage. Make sure you do it with all ten different cars. This way, all 8 cars on the list would get a refresh, and any chances of the customized cars leading to the iFruit issue (if) could be reset. 

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Change Your Character

This is rather naive, even for us, to believe this method. But creating a save in the game with a different character could help a lot. It is unclear what it does and how this leads to solving the unscratchable problem with the iFruit app. So, whenever you get stuck with the iFruit app, not loading the loop. Remember to have this hack solve the issue for you. This works only in cases where the problem is not a server issue. Moreover, there is no sure way to reckon if the app is under maintenance, and should we wait for it to load? You can always head to Reddit and follow a subreddit dedicated to the same. 

ifruit app notification

Update Permissions for Notifications 

Mostly if your device is not properly allowing the iFruit app to perform, it might lead to the above-discussed issues. So, you must head on to settings, and under ‘All App,’ look for the permissions granted to the iFruit App. Also, make sure that it has permission to show notifications. This is very important and helpful whenever there is a new update to the app. 

FAQs | iFruit App Not Loading

Is iFruit App Necessary Alongside GTA? 

No. iFruit is an additional app, which allows you to craft your own cars in the game. Also, it lets you have a pet, which is completely based on your choice. So, iFruit App is not necessary for GTA.

Is iFruit App available for Android?

Yes, iFruit App is available for Android. And you can also get the iFruit app for Windows, iOS, and Playstation. 

Is iFruit App Safe? 

iFruit App is completely safe as it is available on the official app markets like Playstore and is downloadable via the GTA LSC website. 

iFruit app logo

Closure | iFruit App Not Working

It is a hope that in this article on- iFruit App Not Working, you came to know the method to solve the issue. The resolve to iFruit might occur anytime because of the lack of the GTA’s involvement with the updates. For two years, we have not witnessed a single update to the LSC, and so the bugs keep coming to the surface from time to time.

Hopefully, the developers would look into the matter soon. In the meantime, if you have some problem you need to share, please mention it in the comment section below.