Kaguya-Sama Love is War’s official site recently announced the release of Season 3 and an OVA episode. The website said the OVA incident is under creation. They will release a visual trailer for both too. Fans have been waiting for this romantic anime for quite a while and the studio is finally set to release the series back to its fans.

Release Date

No official release date has been confirmed yet. Although, the OVA incident is supposed to be triggered some time in 2021 fall itself. The remaining episodes may be released in the year 2022 as of exactly what the fans are supposing. It is anyway a fantastic announcement for the fans since they were long wishing for a new season.

Cast And Characters

The cast and figures are going to be the same as in the previous seasons.

  • Kaguya Shinomiya: Kanna Hashimoto
  • Miyuki Shirogane: Sho Hirano
  • Yū Ishigami: Hayato Sano
  • Chika Fujiwara: Nana Asakawa

The rest of the characters are also to be voiced by the current cast members.


Season 3 will carry on the story of Miyuki and Kaguya. They love each other but have not confessed anything yet due to the pride they have. According to both of them, the one who confesses their love will be the one who gets inferior. And therefore, the head games begin!

This thinking makes the both of them make a vow to set play many tricks and set traps to make the other one confess before. Season 3 will most likely be adopting the 10th Volume of the manga. Romance will take off to a different level and of course, nothing will happen directly.

Going from the previous season, we all know that Miyuki is trying his best to learn if Kaguyama does like him or not. Kaguya on the other hand is very sure he does enjoy her but she would like to find out if there’s true love he has for her or not.

There will be a scene of a karaoke celebration where Miyuki has been invited. We see Ai Hayasaka attempting to leverage herself to make Miyuki feel guilty since he chased her when she proposes to him during season 2. There’s a sneaky incident that happens between Ai and Miyuki which disturbs Kaguyama to think evil of Ai.

The show also includes a school cultural festival lined up that will be called the Devoted Hearts Festival. This moment will scale up the romance happening. There will much more romantic tension between Miyuki and Kaguya. Seems like the fans need to await a complete romance-packed hit-off!