• Know what John Cena’s father said about the WWE 24/7 Championship?
  • This time in the interview, John Cena’s father gave tough statements on many issues.

Boston Crest MWF’s Dan Mirade recently interviewed John Cena’s father. Here he talked about all the big issues including John Cena. He also gave a statement about the latest WWE product. The list also included the 24/7 championship.

John Cena’s Father Gave A Big Statement

John Cena’s father appeared quite furious over the 24/7 championship. R Truth currently holds these championships. Anyone can win this championship anywhere. And it happens. But John Cena’s father finds this championship wrong for the wrestling industry. They said,

“What is the title 24/7? What a joke I find it very useless because it doesn’t matter. Due to this, the business is also deteriorating. The one who holds this championship is also falling down. The title is being insulted. Whoever has this idea is quite useless and is suffering a lot of damage.

R Truth has won this championship 45 times. This championship was introduced in May 2019. Apart from R Truth, many superstars have won this championship. John Cena’s father said that it is crazy that he has been winning this championship by calling people from outside WWE. John Cena’s father looked quite angry this time. He also gave a statement about his son John Cena.

In this interview, he also said that Ric Flair’s record should not be broken by John Cena but Randy Orton. Randy Orton called him the Best Heal and the Big Superstar. By the way, the 24/7 championship has always been controversial. Ever since it has come, something has been happening about it. Due to R Truth, there was some thrill in it earlier but now it is not being given much importance. Due to this, both the business and the title are losing a lot. Fans have also always demanded that this championship should be taken on a big scale but it has not happened yet.