Chris Rojek has already categorized it. In the sphere of celebrity, there are three types: the attached Carmen Martinez-Bordiu, the achieved, and the attributed (Isabel Preysler). Although in the archetypal case of the latter, its metamorphosis crystallized until it reached a level of fame that generated such a visual impact that it ended up becoming its brand.
The two queens of the heart are about to reach 70. Isabel meets them on February 18 and Carmen, on February 26. When Isabel arrived in Madrid at the age of 18 from Manila, Carmencita was the little princess of the Royal Palace of El Pardo, where his grandfather made eyes at him.

Isabel settled in the house of her uncles, Tessy Arrastia and the diplomat Miguel Pérez Rubio, whose tentacles reached all the twists and turns of high society of which the Marquis of Villaverde – Carmen’s parents – or the Sainz de Vicuna were part of they saw to it that the Preysler entered the sanctum of the Spanish elite. Luck, destiny, or determination? Decades later, the great-grandson of the Sainz de Vicuna married Isabel. We talk about Boyer. A juxtaposition of coincidences and causalities caused the two young women to blend in. When Isabel married Julio Iglesias and Carmen with Alfonso de Borbon, they lived in the same building on Calle San Francisco de Sales, where both professed an infinity of confidences.

Both felt lonely, dissatisfied in their marriages, and lived in a golden cage from which they flew to experience the pageantry of the Madrid night. The machismo of their respective spouses ended up granting them the letter of freedom with which they soon became the queens of coated paper. Since Carmen could not be the queen of Spain due to different historical vicissitudes, what less than to occupy the throne of the dimes and directs.
If the granddaughter has never cared about the whispers as she takes the world for a hunt, Isabel has managed her times wisely to preserve her value in the stock market of fame. The first later married the exquisite French antiquarian Jean-Marie Rossi and the former sportsman and restorer Jose Campos, as well as other boyfriends architects (Federici), kings of scrap metal (Luismi Rodríguez) and his last partner, the young Australian surfer Timothy McKeague.

The second has never been a stitch without a thread since their husbands have had a pedigree: Carlos Falco, Marquis of Grinon; Miguel Boyer, former Minister of Economy and Finance; and her last relationship, the Nobel laureate Mario Vargas Llosa, with whom she has just completed six years of courtship without wedding plans. Isabel and Carmen have monopolized dozens of covers of the magazines of the heart in exchange for checks with innumerable zeros. But while the Chinese girl – as her enemies call her – is very cerebral, the nietisima is more passionate. And that is noticeable when setting the stage in his bedside magazine. Preysler has controlled its image to such an extent that, according to journalist Juan Luis Galiacho, in 1984 it registered the name ‘Isabel Preysler’ with the Spanish Patent and Trademark Office and, with the advent of the internet, it did the same with Pressler domains. net,,, etc.

As for her reports, she imposes on the photographers who later send her the images so that she can choose the publishable ones with their respective retouching, her stylist chooses haute couture creations, the rest of the creative team is at her disposal and usually impose on her daughters Tamara and Anna to be his worthy successors in the kitchen. But always with great delicacy and education. She has rarely been caught out of place (recently a passenger on the Ave immortalized her with a nap), her bikinis and swimsuits highlight her figure, wrinkles, and love handles are not in her dictionary and her house symbolizes luxury par excellence.

Carmen is more earthly, she does not care that the lorzas appear, she does not give as much relevance to the entourage of intermediaries (stylists, portraitists, makeup artists), she appears on the sets to chat up the elbows (no longer, with Podemos in the Government and the exhumation of his grandfather is missing from the media and resides in Portugal) and does not force his descendants to be his heirs in the society pages. For them, especially Luis Alfonso, a pretender to the French throne, privacy is something so sacred that they have come to antagonize it for airing their lives from the rooftops. Ultimately, Isabel and Carmen are the heads and tails of a coin called celebrity.