Marvel Studios will create a lot of content for the Disney + platform and a series will be equivalent to what Iron Man 4 could have been.

After Tony Stark died in Avengers: Endgame (2019) they will never make Iron Man 4 , but the story that they could have used for this fourth installment will actually be used for the Disney + series entitled Armor Wars which will be the first starring project by Iron Man’s closest ally, War Machine . The show is based on the 1980 Marvel Comics event of the same name. That story involved Tony Stark hunting down villains who were in possession of his stolen armor designs.

So even if they never make Iron Man 4, Tony Stark will still be present in the Marvel Studios Cinematic Universe.

What is the Marvel comic about?

In Armor Wars , Iron Man began by looking for villains who had designs for their armor and weapons. But as his journey progressed, his actions became increasingly reckless. Tony Stark caused a prison break for a supervillain when he attacked guards wearing armor that he designed. After having to capture some of the fugitive criminals, Captain America berated Iron Man for his actions . During their discussion, Steve Rogers angrily returned the shield that Tony Starkhad done. Since he thought it was a bribe for me to look the other way. After a big fight between the two, Iron Man left the Avengers. So if this story had made it to the movies, Iron Man 4 could be a new Civil War .

In adapting Armor Wars , in Iron Man 4 we would have seen Tony Stark do whatever it takes to keep his armor out of the wrong hands, even if it meant risking his relationships with his fellow superheroes. It could also have given audiences a thrilling rematch against Captain America . This means that the series will probably only take the name from the comics and the general concept of getting the technology stolen, but the rest will be different.