It’s been 5 years since the announcement of Indian Jones 5. There have been so many changes, statements and suspense about the release. This may have made fans question about the release, but don’t you guys worry, because patience is the key to virtue. There has been quite a mess with the behind the scene team. The major shock being that Spielberg will not be directing the movie but James Mangold (Logan) will be. David Koepp after a few exits and re-entries, is no longer on board as a scriptwriter.

Release Date

Initially, the movie was supposed to be in theatres in July 2019. After quite a few postpones, the new confirmed release date is July 29, 2022. Frank Marshall, the producer, has confessed that a July 2022 release is optimistic. We hope they do come up with the movie soon though.


I would say it is hard to guess the plot of any Indiana Jones. It could be anywhere in the world. One thing is for sure that it’s going to be a new journey with lots of excitement. New director James Mangold has stated that he wants to add an emotional center to operate and wants to push the franchise in a different direction.


There is no Indiana Jones without Harrison Ford hence he will be there. A few actors have put themselves out as available to come back for the fifth part. However, there is no confirmation about any other parts. With all this suspense around the movie a person could faint!

Indiana Jones Has Ventured Into New Territory – Video Games!

Who better than Bethesda could handle a video game for Indiana Jones. We should be expecting the video game out by 2022. The only publicity that the video game received is from Bethesda’s Twitter page in the form of a teaser. All that we know for now is that we might be seeing a midquel adventure that might be before the adventure that rejoins him and his father.