If a cricketer is asked if he ever wants to make the record of the slowest half-century, then there will be no answer. But if you ask the same question to the star batsman Cheteshwar Pujara of the Indian Cricket Team, he will gladly answer yes. If you are not sure, pick up the figures of the four-match Test series against Australia (Australia). The first test of this series was played in Adelaide, which Australia won by eight wickets and the second match was held in Melbourne, which was named after India. But what happened after that was also very interesting and very challenging for Pujara. You should read this news to understand the whole scene.

Actually, Cheteshwar Pujara made a record of his test career in the second innings of the Brisbane Test. That record was the slowest innings of a Test career. Pujara completed his half-century off 196 balls. This is the slowest half-century of his career. The amazing thing is that Pujara also scored the slowest half-century of his Test career in the Sydney Test 11 days ago. He then completed a half-century off 170 balls in the first innings. While in the second innings, he broke his own record by scoring a half-century off 174 balls.

Pujara’s Performance In Test Series.

Cheteshwar Pujara has scored 271 runs in the current series against Australia. When he scored 43 runs in the first innings of the Adelaide Test, he was dismissed without opening an account in the second innings. Pujara completely failed in the test played in Melbourne. If he scored 17 runs in the first innings, then only 3 runs could be scored off his bat in the second innings. After this, his bat spoke a lot in Sydney. In the Sydney Test, which started on 7 January, Pujara scored 50 runs in the first innings and scored 77 runs in the second innings, scoring his second consecutive half-century. At the same time, in the first innings of the Brisbane Test, 25 runs were scored off Pujara’s bat while in the second innings, he scored an important 56 runs. He scored these runs off 211 balls.