During the video about the news coming to the PUBG patch 10.2, the reputation system tool was revealed, in which players can view allied accounts, in order to know the performance of others.

Arriving at the patch with some transformations, the system aims to “keep the game interactions healthy”, in which, through a score of 0 to 5, it will be evaluated how the player behaves during the matches, whether it is toxic or friendly. If the score is low, the player is subject to penalties.

PUBG Reputation System

  • The reputation level will be displayed in the Team Finder and in the list of team members next to the players’ names.
  • Reputation levels are indicative of the player’s perceived behavior. Are you friendly or toxic? Let’s hope for the first one.
  • Reputation levels range from 0 to 5, for a total of 6 levels.
  • The player’s reputation level will naturally increase during normal play in normal and ranked Battle Royale games.
  • Leaving matches repeatedly and not returning can lead to a decrease in your reputation level.
  • Reports received for certain negative behaviors (obstruction of the game, verbal abuse, team murder, etc.) can lead to a reduction in your reputation level.
  • Being reported for suspected cheats does not affect the level of reputation. With that said, reputation levels will be greatly affected after receiving real bans.

In addition, during the video, we have a glimpse of the Coupe RB, bikes and new emotes that should be added soon.

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