Hulu Student Discount No Ads Guide 2021


These content platforms have revolutionized how we consume content. They successfully brought our favorite content to our devices while maintaining their essence. Streaming platforms like Hulu and Netflix were probably the biggest reason we could survive isolation and boredom during this pandemic. And Hulu is one of those few platforms that are both affordable and loaded with quality content. With a student ID, you can get it for even less with a Hulu student discount no ads. 

Hulu No Ads Fix

Hulu is just like any other streaming platform, but unlike its competitors, Hulu is very pocket-friendly. With over 1500 shows and 2500 movies, you will always have a pending watchlist. With subscriptions like Hulu + Live Tv, you can completely abandon your cable TV. Hulu is genuinely one of the best streaming platforms. It’s affordable, and with an array of content to choose from, Hulu will entertain all of your sides.

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Hulu Student Discount Without Ads | Guide 2021

You might be wondering if Hulu is that good, then why doesn’t it charge that much? To answer that, let me ask you a question first, do you know how youtube makes its money? I think you know where I am going with this. 

Hulu student discount no ads

Just like Youtube, Hulu also has an ad-supported subscription plan. All you have to do is bear with some short ads and brand promotions. If you can stand youtube ads to watch clickbaity content, this will be a cakewalk. 

Now the ad-supported subscription costs $5.99 a month for general users. But if you have a working college Id, you can avail 65% Hulu student discount. Just verify your college Id, and you can get a Hulu student discount no ads. 

Hulu Student Discount | Hulu Discount

Now just like any other company Hulu also has its way to entice the youth. Just like a lot of businesses, Hulu also offers an amazing Hulu student discount.

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Hulu has 4 different subscription plans. They range from $5.99 to $72.99 a month. The $5.99 one is the most popular. It is an ad-supported subscription plan. This means you can stream all the content. All you have to do is bear with some ads.

The Hulu student discount is only applicable to the base $5.99 a month plan. With a 65% discount, this plan will cost you a mere $1.99 a month. You can stream on two devices simultaneously. Those ads don’t sound that bad now, do they? 

Hulu Free Trial 

Do you have commitment issues? Do you think once you pay for the subscription, you might slowly lose interest? Or are you just a freeloader? Well, whatever your problems might be, Hulu got you covered. 

How to get Hulu Trial for free

Hulu offers a free trial of 30 days to its new users. With the help of this trial, you can easily judge, is Hulu worth it or not? There are no restrictions during the free trial. You can stream all the content on Hulu for free. 

You get the $5.99 ad-supported pack for the free trial. Hulu won’t charge you a single penny after the trial ends. If you wish to continue, all you have to do is go to your profile choose a subscription plan and a paying method. 

Hulu Ad Free 

As I said, Hulu uses ads to get the price that low, but they have other subscription plans as well. Hulu offers two ad-free subscription plans as well. And to be honest, they aren’t that bad.

Hulu Plans No Ads  

The first ad-free subscription will cost you $11.99. This plan is called Hulu Premium. It has everything you were getting in the base plan minus the ads. 

The other ad-free subscription is called Hulu Premium+Live TV. With a price of $64.99 a month, I think you can consider this one as well. With this plan, you aren’t only getting rid of ads. You also get Live TV. 

An average mid-level cable subscription costs $70-$80 a month, and that’s not even ad-free. But with Hulu Premium+Live TV, you get an endless collection of shows and movies and Live TV. And all this at the cost of $64.99 a month. It ain’t that bad if you ask me. 

Some Ad Free Hulu Student IDs

Now some fellas just can’t get themselves to pay for content. Maybe you can’t afford $5.99 taken out of your pocket. Well, don’t worry, I have something for you guys as well. 

Hulu is also a content streaming platform like Netflix. So it has hacks like Netflix as well. I have searched tirelessly to find you some working Hulu premium accounts and passwords. They are listed below. Be aware it’s a hack, so it might or might not work.


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Hulu Student Account Generator

There are several ways to sneak into a Hulu premium account for free. The internet is filled with free account generators. What is an account generator? Well, it is an account generator. What else do you think it does? Pull out rabbits?

How to get hulu for free? 

You can visit any Hulu account generator, and it will provide you with a username and password. Now I can’t guarantee if it will work or not. The accounts are generated at random, and it’s almost impossible to check each one out.

It’s like a lottery. You buy the ticket and hope that you have the winning digits. I have mentioned one of the sites below that I found reliable. Generate an account and try your luck.

FAQs | Hulu Student Discount without Ad

Does Hulu Have a 30 Days Free Trial?

Yes, Hulu offers a free 30 days trial for its new users. You get unrestricted access to all the content on Hulu for free. You can use this 30-day free trial to judge the content and value of this platform. Just verify your email and fill in a payment method, and you can avail the Hulu free trial. 

Can I Still Get Hulu for $0.99 a month?

No, you can’t get Hulu for $0.99 a month anymore. That was a limited period offer, and it has been discontinued. The current plans start at $5.99 a month for general users. You can get a 65% discount on the base plan with a working college Id. The base plan will merely be $1.99 a month, given that you have a valid college Id. 

Is Hulu or Netflix Better? 

When it comes to content libraries, Netflix is far ahead of Hulu. But Netflix is costlier than Hulu. Hulu is much more affordable, and it also has a great library of shows and movies to choose from. With more Hulu original shows rolling out, Hulu is definitely a great alternative to Netflix.

Is Hulu Worth It? 

If you ask us- yes. We think it’s worth it. With an endless collection of content and a base price of just $5.99 a month, Hulu offers a generous deal. Now you don’t have to take my word for it. Get a free trial and judge for yourself. 


Hulu is a great streaming platform. Not only is it a great alternative to Netflix, but it also has some great standalone features. 

Unlike Netflix, Hulu offers a student discount to get you the base plan at just $1.99 a month. Moreover, you can enjoy Hulu student discount no ads as long as you are in college. 

For your help, we have mentioned all the subscription plans Hulu offers as well. So, take a free trial and see for yourself if Hulu is worth it or not. We have also mentioned some ways through which you can avail a free Hulu account. Try them out, and share with us in the comment section which one worked for you.

We hope we resolved whatever doubts you had about the Hulu student discount. In fact, if you have any other queries regarding Hulu or the article, please leave a comment.