Many people would like to be able to pin down a cell phone on the map when required, and luckily, some great free options are available. If you need to know how to track cell phone location for free, be sure to check out the options overviewed below. They all provide accurate results and can easily be used for monitoring the phone’s location at all times.

iKeyMonitor: GPS Tracking for Android, iOS, and Windows Devices


A great cell phone tracker app is iKeyMonitor, which can be used to monitor phone activities and track current locations. This app helps parents protect children from online threats while providing their whereabouts at all times. Once installed onto a target device, the app will start monitoring it and display information on a dashboard.

The GPS positioning feature allows the software to detect the exact location using a GPS module while staying completely discreet. With a free trial version that does not expire, you can instantly begin to track cell phone locations for free and always keep tabs on the person needed.


  • Customized GPS updates
  • Coordinates provided
  • Accurate addresses
  • Date and time stamps
  • Location history

Use GEOfinder to Pinpoint a Cell Phone Number Location

GEOfinder is a top cell phone tracker app that can be used to track an iPhone or Android by using just the number. To make use of GEOfinder, an SMS message must be sent to the target device. It will look like a system-generated text, so the person will not be alerted to being tracked.

When you launch the application, it is possible to edit the message being sent. Then, just enter the phone number and click on Send SMS. A tracking link will be attached, and when they follow it, you will instantly see the device’s spot on the map.

Check out how easy GEOfinder is to use by accessing a free demo. To make use of real-time tracking, you will have to purchase a subscription. As soon as you choose a plan, start monitoring the location with the number of the cell phone.

GEOfinder benefits:

  • No physical access to the phone required
  • Accurate tracking
  • Past locations displayed
  • Unlimited geolocation requests
  • Compatible with all mobile devices

Google Maps: Access Phone Location from Computer

How to Track Someone on Google Maps Without Them Knowing?

Google Maps is a great option if you need to quickly track cell phone locations for free. If the person you are tracking is using any Android mobile device, it can easily be tracked using the GPS feature with Google Maps. For Android devices, this app is preinstalled and will have access to the location of cell phone users by default. As long as the target device is sharing its GPS coordinates, you can see where the person is located and track cell phone location from a computer or mobile device.

This free tool is beneficial for those that need to keep tabs on a person of interest or even if it is required to track a lost cell phone location.


  • Timeline access to see the history of movements
  • Completely free for Android users
  • It can be used with any Google account

Access Find My iPhone Online and Locate a Device in Seconds

When you need to track cell phone location for free, and it’s iOS-based, there is a safe, free, and easy way to reach your goal. The device can be tracked with Find My iPhone even if the user is offline. The great benefit of using this option is that it can be done without installing software. Every iPhone has preloaded with the Find My app, allowing the cell phone number location to be accessed at any time.

As long as you have the iCloud credentials, sign in and track the needed phone for free. The app will display a map and show you exactly where it is at that time. In addition to being able to track a person or find a lost cell phone, Find My iPhone has these features:

  • Remotely lock the device
  • Display messages
  • Erase all device data

Track an iPhone Location Using Find My Friends

Find My Friends is the Google Maps alternative for iOS users. This app will allow users to share locations in real time, alerting others of where they are with a single click. It can also be used by parents who need to monitor their children’s whereabouts. To use this option, the target phone owner must share the location.

It is a simple way to track children or monitor employees, all without them being notified. With Find My Friends, you will also be able to receive a notification when a person has arrived or departed from an area. GPS services are used to provide real-time data that can easily be accessed when sharing options are enabled.


  • Locate family and friends quickly
  • Free for any iOS device
  • Get location-based notifications

Track Cell Phone Location for Free Today!

Free apps mentioned in this article will help you know where your children, spouse, or employees are located. Without spending a dime, it’s possible to track a cell phone location online and obtain real-time data. Start using these options and have no need to question someone’s whereabouts again!