How to Remove Deep Scratch From Car? (at home & other solutions)


Ever since their invention, cars have been our favorite companion. For a partner as beautiful, loyal, and comfortable as the cars, we need to be extra conscious, caring, and concerned. Imagine parking your favorite car outside a party venue and seeing a big scratch greeting you when you return. Sounds like the worst nightmare? We understand how scary this might sound, that’s why we have curated this article for you. Here, we bring you the solutions on how to remove deep scratch from car? 

How to Remove Deep Scratch From Car

A lot of times, while traveling through busy roads, some other car might bump into yours. While driving on foggy nights, your car might collide with a street lamp and boom; scratches! The possibility of getting scratches on the car is not restricted only to move and drive at the roads. Your car might be parked peacefully in your garage and it could get scratched by other irresponsible car drivers. So, is there any ‘safe place’ for our cars? Is there any way through which we can prevent our cars from getting those nasty scratches?

Unfortunately, there is no way we can prevent getting scratches on cars. No matter how safely you drive, there is always a high probability of your car getting a deep scratch. As the scratches and scars are unavoidable, so what can be done? Read ahead and know about some excellent tips and products on removing scratches from cars.

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How to Remove Deep Scratch from Car At Home?

There are so many cars and so much higher possibilities of getting scratches. Even though the risk of getting scratches is high, there are many ways to remove those ugly looking scratches. Let us look at each method one by one. 

Scratch Repair Kits

The automotive technologies have advanced so much that removing scratches is as easy as getting one in recent years. Scratch repair kits combine abrasives, sprays, paint colors, polish, and car towels or wipes. Repair kits are available in all kinds of qualities and prices. 

Still, it is advised to use a good quality scratch repair kit and product if your car has a deep scratch. The ingredients are essential; thus, you must read the ingredient and component label before buying a repair kit. Many scratch repair kits offer 100% satisfaction or refund policy. If you do not have much idea about fixing a scratch, opt for procedures like these. Some scratch repair kit manufacturers offer technical assistance and support on using their products. You can also look in the market for such products to heal your car.

Various DIY scratch remover kits are available in the market that promise to remove the scar in no time. DIY kits are impressive at times, but only if they are authorized. If you decide to buy a DIY scratch repair kit, make sure it is credible and has genuine good ratings.

Filling in the Scar 

We have always wondered how to remove deep scratch from car paint. As soon as your car’s paint chips off, you can see its underneath metal sheet. It looks ugly, unattractive and incomplete. So how can we fill the gap created? Curious? Let’s know it now. 

Take soap and water and rub off the scratched area. Use a mild soap or car wash liquid for this procedure. After the cleaning is done and you can see the site without any dirt or spots. Wipe it down with car towels. When it is dry, take some putty paste in a bowl and apply it to the scratches.

Apply the paste evenly and neatly only to the spotted area. Once you have applied the putty neatly, leave it to dry. The putty must dry off well. After your applied putty is wholly dried, check if further coats are required. If not, then take a car paint and start coloring the putty to your car’s natural color. 

Applying putty will cover up the hollowness scratches create in the look of the car. Coloring it with the same color as your car would make the scar look non-existent.

Touch-Up Paints

Touch-up paints are designed to apply in small areas of an already painted surface. It is done to cover scratches, spots, and dents from an automobile vehicle. Touch-up paint acts as a savior when we worry about how to remove a deep scratch from car.

Suppose your car has somehow gotten a deep scar, which you want to hide at all costs. Touch-up paints might be a perfect solution for you. They are readily available, but the process might be exhausting and pricey. 

The scratched area needs to be washed properly before any treatment action. After cleaning the scratched area, take a thin brush coated with paint. Start painting the scratches with light strokes and dabbing. You can use a buff applicator to ensure that the color is nicely distributed to all parts. 

After applying the paint to all the required places, leave it overnight to dry (12-13 hours). Even though some paints have quick dry technology, it is still favorable to wait for a few hours. Once the first coat is dried, apply a very light second coat. You can mix your paint with a shine-enhancing product while using a second coat. This will give your car a glossier and shinier appearance.  

How to Remove Deep Scratch from Car at Home?

The first thought after getting a car scratch is how to remove deep scratch from car at home. As it is said, there is no such illness that can not be cured by the ingredients of home. We thought of following the saying and bringing you some home remedies to remove car scratches. 

Turning Scars into an Artwork

Think about the times when your pocket got ripped off from your brand new t-shirt. Do you remember how beautifully you sewed a flower in that area? If we can make the holes in our t-shirt look beautiful, we can do the same with our cars.

If you have an artistic vision, then you can create that scar into an artwork. You can use stickers, colored decals and paints near the scratches. The whole motive is to make the scratched lines appear boldly and beautifully. You can use the scars and scratches to convey a message by giving them a perceptual design. 

Using paints and stickers on your car will give you a hippy, bold and unique look. So grab your paints, and flaunt those scars. 

Duct Tape

Duct tapes are the tapes coated with polyethylene. These tapes will work for you as one of the best temporary solutions to hide those car scratches. Duct tapes come in all sizes and are mostly available in various colors. Duct tape acts as a perfect temporary solution when we wonder how to remove a deep scratch from a car.

For covering up your car scratch, take a piece of duct tape of the scratch’s exact size. Then, stick the tape on the affected area. Make sure there are no creases or lines formed in the tape while sticking. If any wrinkle is created, you must take the tape off quickly and stick another. Choose the duct tape that matches completely with the color of your car. 

How to Remove Deep Scratch from Car with Toothpaste?

The toothpaste acts as a survivor for our teeth and our cars as well. Wondering how? Let’s understand it together.

The toothpaste has abrasive properties and can be useful in removing scratches, spots, and scars. Toothpaste is also beneficial in cleaning CDs and DVDs. Now that we know why toothpaste can clean the scratches let’s know how to use it for removing car scratches.

How to Remove Deep Scratch from Car with Toothpaste

It is the simplest solution you will ever find. Clean the area of the car where you want to apply toothpaste. Do not completely dry off the surface. Apply the toothpaste on the scratches, rub it well. Leave it for a few minutes and wash. You would notice the difference in color and appearance of the scratch. 

Types of Car Scratches & How to Remove Them!

As it is said, ‘keep your friends close and enemies closer.’ Thus, we should know each detail and type about every car owner’s deadliest enemy and nightmare – scratches and scuffs. A doctor can not help the patient without knowing details regarding the patient’s illness. The same case follows up here too. When you worry about how to remove deep scratch from car, you must know details about scratch. Therefore, to completely remove deep scratch from cars we must know about the types of car scratches.

Clear-Coat Scratches

Clear-coat is the top layer of your car that protects the car from harmful UV sun rays, acid rain, dust and other factors. The coating acts as a skin protector for the car. The clear-coat scratches are very easy to get rid of and do not require much hard work. Clear-coat scratches are sometimes very light in appearance. However, even the smallest scratch on our cars could act as an invitation for a heart attack. 

The following products are beneficial for removing clear-coat scratches:

3M Auto Advanced Scratch and Scuff Removal Kit3m auto advanced an answer to How to remove deep scratch from car

The product claims to restore shine and gloss to lightly scratched and scuffed painted areas of your vehicle. The product claims to enhance the appearance of the vehicle. This product makes the process of removing scratches fast and easy, as there are no tools required. The 3M scratch and scuff removal kit comes with 3M abrasives and cleaning sponge pads.  

Though clear coat scratches are very light in appearance, they have the power to ruin the arrival of the vehicle. If the clear-coat scratch has ruined the car paint then it could be something expensive to deal with. The 3M Auto Advanced Scratch and Scuff Removal Kit can be a good product to solve such issues. It is safe for use on any standard vehicle clear coat. It could save money by refraining you from getting an expensive bodywork done for your car. 

You can get 3M Auto Advanced Scratch and Scuff Removal Kit weighing1.58 ounces for $**. 

QUIXX 00070-US Paint Scratch Remover Kit

how to remove deep scratch from car at home

The product claims to remove scratches, small marks, and scuffs permanently and prevents them from reappearing over time. The following scratch remover product is a simple two-step repair system. In the first step, the product works with the paint material to permanently remove the scratch from its surface. The second step restores the paint’s finishing to its original shine. 

Quixx Paint Scratch Remover uses the German process of Plastic Deformation to remove scratches from all kinds of car paints. The scratch removing process does not require much time with this kit. The abrasives come in tube packaging, which makes this product easy and safe to apply.

Carfidant Scratch and Swirl Remover

Carfidant is a U.S. based product which claims to easily remove light scratches, swirls, or other marks on your car. The product claims to remove even a few years old scratches, easily and quickly.  

Carfidant Scratch and Swirl Remover - Ultimate Car Scratch Remover

Carfidant is also beneficial in restoring the gloss and shine of the car paint. The product is safe to use on all kinds of paints. You can use it on a clear-coat paint or single-stage paint to even multi-stage paint. The most exciting part of their kit is their uniquely crafted buffer pad. The buffer pad gives your hands a comfortable grip, making it easier to remove the car paint scratches. 

The Carfidant Scratch and Swirl Remover comes in a wide range and offers a variety to the car owners. The company keeps on introducing several new editions. Currently,  you can get blue, black, and orange editions. Carfidant works on a 100% satisfaction or money refund policy.

Primer Scratches

Primer is the first or foundational coat of paint applied on the car’s surface. The car primer is regarded as the second layer. It is the layer just beneath the clear-coat. The job of a primer is to make your car paint look crisp and clean. 

Primer scratches are severe and could lead to discoloration of car paint. The primer damage can change the complete look of your car. Primer scratches should be dealt with seriousness as it could hamper the style and look of your car. 

 There are several products available to vanish down your car’s primer scratches.  

Dupli-Color EBPR00310 Gray Perfect Match Scratch Filler Primer

Dupli-Color Perfect Match Premium Automotive Primer is an acrylic lacquer aerosol primer. The product claims to be easy to use and time saver. It fills scratches and provides a smooth surface to the affected area. It should be used before top coating with the matching car color paint. 

The product comes in a small red-black attractively colored spray bottle. The spray nozzle makes it easy to distribute the formulated compound on the affected car area evenly. The product is sandable and dries quickly. 

GLISTON Scratch Remover

The product claims to work effectively on all kinds of scratches. The scratch removal product claims to work on light and heavy scratches, swirls, scuff, blemish, hairline polish, and other marks. 

The product is a blend of well researched and formulated ingredients and chemicals. It can be used even at home as it does not require mixing for neutralizing itself. All the materials used are free from toxic chemicals and acids. The product comes along with a specially designed ultra-soft towel for wiping the car after a wash. 

GLISTON Scratch Remover, Car Scratch Remover

GLISTON car scratch and swirl remover give its users a sales service for 2 years. The product is priced at $** for 8.8 ounces. 

QUIXX 10050 Paint Repair Pen

QUIXX 10050 How to remove scratch from car at home with pen

The product promises to seal deep scratches and chipped off paints. It also claims to prevent rust and further damage to the paint. 

The product gel binds itself to the originally affected primer and paint areas for permanent results. As the product comes in the shape of a pen, it is easy to apply. This paint repair pen acts as a solution for all kinds of glossy car paints. The applied gel does not discolor over time and gives a professional finish. 

Paint Scratches

The paint scratches are the scariest and most severe ones. When the scratches are so deep that you can see the underneath metal sheets, they are termed as paint scratches. These kinds of scratches are hard to fix and might cost a lot. 

Here are are some effective products that can fix paint scratches:

Meguiar’s Ultimate Compound

The item claims to solve down all the paint defects. The product uses a clear coat safe formula, which reduces the time and effort. It restores the original form of the scratched area. This ultimate compound uses an exclusive micro-abrasive technology, which gives your car a glossy finish.

The product is safe to use and can be applied by hands. The manufacturer advises the users to use the product in alliance with dual Meguiar’s MT300 Dual Action Polisher. The product is available at $18.56 for 15.2 fluid Ounces. 

Volkswagen OEM Touch-Up Paint

Volkswagen Genuine Touch-Up Paint Carbon Steel Grey

This genuine Volkswagen product comes in all shades and color specifications. The product claims to give you any shade you ask for. It is touch up paint without any toxic chemicals. The fragrance is also pleasant in comparison to the other car paints available in the market. The product comes in a roll-on bottle, which makes its application very easy and smooth.  

Formula 1 Scratch Out

This scratch remover claims to remove all kinds of scratches and swirl marks from the smallest to even large ones. It contains micro polishers that clear out any kind of haze stuck on the car paint. 

It is a unique liquid wax that has zero abrasions. The liquid wax is effective on all kinds of cars and paints. The product promises to give a professional, shinier and brighter finish to the applied area minutes after application. However, it does not say anything about how long the product will stay. 

The product is well priced and comes in budget. You can get this product of 7 ounces for $9.18. 

Bonus Tips and Tricks to Remove Car Scratches at Home

Though we have talked about some excellent tips and products on how to remove deep scratch from car. We still thought to give you all some additional tips and tricks on the scratch removal process. 

  • Before starting the treatment action plan, you must clean the affected area. Clean the affected area with water and soap and let it dry. 
  • Always use a buff pad to remove car scratches. Buff Pads ensure even distribution of the compound is applied and do not tend to hold the product in them.
  • If you have applied some DIY or home remedy for removing scratches then scratch the used product in mid-process. Scratching in mid-process would give you an idea about the working of the remedy. If the treatment was working, redo it and wait patiently to let it dry completely.
  • Alcohol can help clean new scratches. Take a few drops of alcohol on a sponge and wipe the scratched surface through that sponge.
  • If you are using putty to cover up the scratch, then the putty paste must be smooth. 

Closure | How to Remove Deep Scratch From Car?

Cars are an essential part of our lives. Cars are like home on wheels and we understand how even the smallest scratch on them can give you jitters. We can not really save our cars from getting scratched. However, we can use these above-mentioned tips and products to remove deep scratch from cars. So use these specially curated care methods and keep yourself and your car safe.

If you have any doubts regarding anything about removing deep scratch from cars at home then let us know through the comment section. Also, share this useful piece of information with your mates and help them get rid of car scratches.