[Fixed] How to Fix Instagram Video Selfie Verification Error?
[Fixed] How to Fix Instagram Video Selfie Verification Error?

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Instagram has introduced a new feature to prevent its platform from bots and accounts that are trying to manipulate its platform. This feature was introduced back in 2020.

Instagram has started asking users to verify their identities if the company suspects “potential inauthentic behavior”. However, the feature was rolled out back in 2020 but it came into effect a few months ago when thousands of accounts were hit by this.

Almost every day, hundreds of accounts were affected by this including mine. So if you are also affected by this then don’t worry, here’s the method to solve this problem.

If you have logged in via a third-party application on daily basis, Instagram will definitely flag your account as a suspicious account.

Fix Instagram Video Selfie Verification Error

First of all, selfie video verification will only be done via the mobile app of Instagram. If you open it on the browser, it will ask you to Confirm Your Info on the App.

It will pop up a message saying, “We noticed an unusual activity from your account. Confirm your identity from the Instagram app to get back to your account.” Here’s how you can fix it.

  • When you log in to your account on the app, it asks you to verify your account via a video selfie.
  • Proceed further to verifications part and upload your selfie video.
  • To complete identity verification, you are required to take a short video selfie.
  • A video selfie helps confirms that you are a real person and actually present for verification.
  • You can use a smartphone or tablet to complete the video selfie, and the process typically takes less than a minute.
  • Follow the instructions which Instagram mentioned and record the video.
  • Click on the upload button.

Now the main error occurred, the platform will show you that, “An Error occurred while uploading the video”. If you are trying to do it again, the same error will occur.

So, what to do now?

Don’t worry here is what I did when my account got an error.

Fix Instagram Video Selfie Verification Error

  • After I got this error, I logged out and logged in again.
  • I cleared the app’s cache, rebooted my device.
  • Searched the whole YouTube, and nothing happened.
  • I deleted my app and reinstalled the main app again.
  • I did it two-three times.
  • But nothing happens, however, some people are saying that will work.

If it does not work for you, follow the below steps.

  • After reinstalling the app, it does not work for me.
  • I messaged Instagram on Instagram via my other account and provided them my email, phone, and Instagram ID of the stucked account.
  • I also email Instagram on android-support@instagram.com with the same details.
  • Even, I also reported via help.instagram.com
  • I done all the three at the same.
  • And after about an hour, I got my account back.
  • Done, this will definitely work for you also.

I got my account within one hour of reporting the issue to Instagram. Now, it’s working fine without any issues and with no restrictions.

How long it take to get back your account?

So you may now ask, How long would it take for you to get back your account?

  • It basically depends on how serious your issue is and why Instagram imposed banned your account.
  • If your account is flagged under suspicious activities, chances are you might not be able to get your account back within 7 days.
  • If your account is taken down mistakenly, you would definitely get your account back within few hours.
  • Just follow the steps which we listed above, and you will get your account back as soon as possible.

Note: The video selfie verification will not work on the Instagram Lite app. You need to install the main app to complete the verification process.

The video that Instagram receives from you gets deleted from them after 30 days of the verification completes. Instagram has said that video will not be saved anywhere, neither it will be shared with any third-party apps or services.

Keep Your Account Safe

If you want to keep your account safe or your account will come under a suspicious account if you-

  • use a programmed bot for increasing followers or like.
  • keep logging into third-party apps or services.
  • following and unfollowing a huge amount of users.
  • posting too much content (don’t post over 7-9 every day)
  • commenting on every post.
  • liking everyone’s post.

So, these are some tips to keep your account safe. We hope this will work with your account and keep your account safe.

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