Summary: Are you facing trouble playing your DVDs on Mac? It’s time to find the best way to copy DVDs on Mac. You may also want to back up your DVD on Mac when your valuable home videos are accidentally lost. Ignoring all these, the core question is, “How to copy a DVD on a Mac?”

Are you facing trouble playing your DVDs on Mac? It’s time to find the best way to copy DVDs on Mac. You may also want to back up your DVD on Mac when your valuable home videos are accidentally lost. Ignoring all these, the core question is, “How to copy a DVD on a Mac?”

Mac OX X has a direct functionality to copy a DVD; however, it is a time taking process and is also not naïve friendly. Now, some people search on Google for different software to make a DVD copy on Mac for a fast and easy solution. For your quick note, DVD copy software is the most competitive software for Mac. However, there are also some other best DVD copy programs specifically developed for mac intentions, and here are some of them;

Part 1: How to Copy a DVD on a Mac?

1. DVDFab DVD Copy for Mac

Compatibility: Windows, Mac 

DVDFab DVD Copy for Mac is a lightweight and efficient DVD copy program for windows and Mac systems. It comes with a triple package of DVD copy, DVD burning, and DVD clone to fulfill all DVD copy requirements. Without caring about CSS, RC, and other DVD copy securities, it does its job greatly. Its multi-core CPU and hardware acceleration let it complete all DVD replicating processes within half an hour. The user experience is very good thanks to a function-oriented interface and dozens of user interface languages.


DVDFab DVD Copy software has 6 modes, which are briefly given here with their uses;

  • “Full disc” mode will copy the complete data of the source DVD. 
  • The “Main movie” function is a DVD backup mode that selects and copies only the longest DVD titles.
  • The “Customize” mode creates a new DVD according to your preferred material. 
  • Its “Split” DVD backup function compresses DVD size without hurting quality. 
  • “Merge” mode allows you to combine multiple selected titles into one DVD.
  • The “Clone” will replicate the DVD at a 1:1 ratio, and the “Burn” function burns it to extract the DVD disc from the DVD file. 

2. Xilisoft DVD Copy for Mac

Compatibility: Mac 

Xilisoft is another Mac DVD Copy program to replicate DVD-to-DVD discs and recover DVD-to-ISO images or DVD files on Mac. It is equipped with a DVD burner to make DVDs from ISO files or DVD folders and play them on any DVD player. Xilisoft is the best program for beginners. The only drawback is that it can take 60 minutes to deliver the final result. Its “Full Disc” copy option will help you to get the entire DVD content, including incl. menus, functions, intros, trailers, and advertisements. The “Main Movie Only” feature is only useful for copying the longest files.

3. DVD-Cloner for Mac

Compatibility: macOS 

DVD-Cloner is another fairly lightweight DVD Copy Mac program. Its first up is a minimal UI, with all DVD copying options displayed as disc icons. In addition to the three DVD copying choices listed, the program can also split or reduce a DVD-9 to a DVD-5 disc. The default DVD burning option helps to burn DVD files, create ISO from DVD, and dvd media file from your Mac to a new blank DVD. Besides all these, it can copy scratched DVD discs as the original ones. Its two DVD copy options include; replicating a DVD to a DVD+/-R and combining two or more DVDs to a single DVD+/-R DL.

4. WinX DVD Ripper for Mac

Compatibility: macOS 

WinX DVD Ripper for Mac was created for users to copy DVD discs to digital versions in a 1:1 ratio, allowing you to back up numerous DVD collections on your Mac. It also allows sharing them with Cloud and NASA for recovery. The program supports all kinds of DVDs, whether encoded, crashed, latest, or regional, covering 99 titles. Moreover, you can also use this to convert DVDs to MP4 to play on any device, including iPhone, iPad, Android, Apple TV, Xbox, PS4, etc. 

If necessary, you can use this Mac DVD Copy software to rip DVDs to MP4 for playback on iPhone, iPad, Android, Apple TV, Xbox, PS4, etc. The level 3 hardware acceleration technologies allow you to copy at 47x speed while retaining the actual quality. Its “Mian Title Content Copy” will enable you to copy DVDs containing particular audio/video tracks and save them as one MPG file. The “Full title copy” feature permits the recovery of the entire title, like all audio, videos, and subtitles.

Part 2: How to use DVDFab DVD Copy? 

Step 1: Click on DVDFab 12 and select the “copy option.” Insert the DVD disc or use the “drag and drop” feature if it is an ISO file. 

Step 2: Click on the required “Copy” mode and select the final DVD size. Clone or burn a DVD if the copy mode chosen is not lossless. It also allows you to set the volume label and other modifications. Choose the path where you want to keep the output DVD. 

Step 3: Hit the “Start” button to initialize the DVD copy process. 


What is the top program for DVD copying?

Supporting all regions and secured DVDs and converting compatible DVDs for any device, DVDFab DVD Copy is recognized as the best DVD Copy program for Mac. 

Is it allowed to copy a DVD on Mac?

According to the “Motion Picture Association of America” and other media companies, it is legally allowed to rip and copy.


When you hunt to “copy a DVD on a Mac,” you need to consider the final DVD quality and speed of the copy process. From the above reviews, we know that DVDFab DVD Copy is greater than all others in speed, quality, and copying the encrypted DVDs. However, if your search is for cheap software for limited uses, you can opt for any other program on the list.