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A few years ago, only a few could boast of having professional photos – mostly, they were models and public people. Today everyone can become a real star in the photo area for a while, and the choice of a good photographer is a big part of the success.

Before you choose a photographer, you should do a thorough search for a suitable candidate and decide for yourself if this is the master you’ll feel comfortable working with and if he will be able to provide the result that you expect. If you have time, it is advisable to read a few articles about photography, so you will understand better what exactly you need. Do you want to know what is EV in the camera? Visit Skylum’s blog to find out.

To make it easier to choose a photographer, we offer you a small “cheat sheet” with the main points you should pay attention to.

How to choose a good photographer?

It does not matter why you are planning a photo session – to fill out your portfolio as a model, to update your social networking page, or just for a family photo album. Never enter into a contract with the first photographer you see! Before making the final choice, you need to work with the following information.


The portfolio is a business card of any photographer. Here you can see the best works of the master. If you have a feeling of a lack of harmony in photos, if you do not see the unity of style, you’d better look for a different specialist. For example, you prefer bright, cheerful photos, but in the portfolio, you see mostly melancholic black-and-white shots. In this case, your collaboration is unlikely to bring the desired results.

Looking more specifically, you need to pay attention to the following details when examining a portfolio:

  • How people look in pictures. Here we’re talking about naturalness. If, in every portrait, you see faked emotions, strained smiles, and tension filling the entire space of the picture, then, most likely, your result of the photo session will not be any better. A real professional should be able to ease the tension, loosen up and let even the most inexperienced and uptight model be herself.
  • The quality of photos. Note how much retouching is (or is not) conspicuous. Of course, post-processing is an indispensable process in creating a perfect picture, but there are such “craftsmen” who try to solve all problems with it. But still, we’re not looking for a retoucher. We’re looking for a photographer, right?
  • Variety of poses. Each of us is different. If all the models in the portfolio pose the same way, the photographer is probably not familiar with such a notion as an individual approach. In this case, get ready to repeat poses that you have already seen in the portfolio, and don’t expect to find angles that will emphasize the advantages of your figure and disguise its flaws. Choose a master who does not work by a template but chooses the strategy of shooting depending on the type, appearance, and the customer’s wishes.

It’s important to remember that a portfolio contains many of the photographer’s best works, and most of the pictures were taken by experienced models, so don’t expect your 10 pictures to be as stunning. Also, a portfolio is not a catalog in which you can choose the picture you like. It’s a kind of questionnaire so that the client can get to know the photographer’s work better.

Work experience

This criterion is not the main one when choosing a photographer, but you can’t ignore it completely. Experience allows you to quickly find an approach to different models, choose the right angle, and notice the “highlights” of the landscape. An experienced photographer, even at the shooting stage, knows exactly what kind of result he is going to get. A professional has all the necessary equipment. At the same time, a beginner can offer some fresh ideas and an unconventional view of ordinary things.

The comfort of communication

If you feel some discomfort while communicating with the photographer, it will be hard for you to work with him – you won’t be able to relax, and you will hardly enjoy the process of taking pictures, which will certainly have an impact on the result of the photo session.

Before getting ready for the photoshoot, you should meet with the master personally, ask him to tell you about the photo session, and consult him about the preparation (makeup, hairstyle, accessories, etc.).

The cost of services

A high price is not an indicator of the incredible skill of the photographer. The same quite budget price does not mean that the quality of the photos will be bad. Refer to an average price in your city – that way, you won’t make a mistake.

It is better to negotiate the price in advance. In order to protect himself and the client, a good photographer necessarily conclude a written contract, which spells out what is included in the price of services and what additional costs are possible.

Final Thoughts

We’ve looked at the most important criteria in choosing a photographer. If you know a little bit about photographic equipment, you can ask a photographer a few questions on the subject. What is EV in the camera? If you are interested in this topic but are still new to it, read Skylum’s blog. Stay “in the loop” and enjoy your shots!