How to Block Twitch Ads on Android & iOS? (Solved)


Everyone on Twitch is losing their mind because of their new ad policy. Users have complained that they are experiencing louder nonskippable ads. Some ads come picture-in-picture, but the sound of the ongoing stream gets compromised. Now, with their new policies, it is apparent that not all of the ads can be escaped. However, as the upside of modern times, there is always a different way available somewhere. We just need to find it. So, we have made this article to cater around and find the ways on How to block Twitch ads on Android & iOS. 

How to Block Twitch Ads on Android & iOS

So, if you are the one who uses their mobile phone to stream Twitch, this article could prove the best thing you landed on the whole day. Who has ever been able to get rid of ads when it is the ads only which pay who entertains us. The market of advertisements is more magnanimous than any other, but not all ads need to waste our precious minutes of life. So, to learn more, let’s muster along. 

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How to Block Twitch Ads on Android & iOS?

Some ads are of less value, so they are introduced in a way that can easily be detected by simple browser extensions, and thus up until now, we were able to block them many by just clicking an on-screen button. But, as advertisements are the major source of revenue for Twitch, it seems to have upgraded its security rendering such measures useless. These days nobody just can seem to get rid of any ad. Apparently, Twitch has modified its pattern of putting up ads and probably has increased many categories on many levels/ Earlier ads used come. At the same time, we started some stream or at the start of any recorded stream. But, right now, even during the stream, an ad will overlay upon the ongoing stream and stay there, non-skippable. We cannot stop, pause or skip the ad. Besides, the volume is a concern to many. 

How to Block Twitch Ads on Android & iOS?

So, are there really any ways except those big cookies and commands on Reddit and GitHub? Well, those measures never work because they cover up the framework superficially and often got caught up by the developers, and thus the next update makes them non-functional. AdBlock has also tried to keep up standing upfront for our benefit, but sometimes it does not work because until we don’t turn it off, twitch doesn’t work. 

Types of Ads on Twitch 

As stated earlier, Twitch has now become much advanced with its tactics on the display of advertisements. Twitch advertisements benefit both the streamers and the streaming service alike. And depending on the purpose and budget, those who want to display their ads on Twitch can choose through a variety of options relating to ad styles. Let’s identify what these options are available to advertisers. 

  • Pre Roll Advertisements

Pre-roll ads are easily distinguishable by third-party services like adblocker and Adguard. This is the most common type of advertisement criteria in which the ad plays at the start for a fixed duration when you start to watch a stream. These ads are generally skippable after a short duration in most streaming services. However, right now in Twitch, you have to suffer through a full duration which can be anything from 15 seconds or more. 

  • Promotions 

Promotions are ads that are enabled by streamers and are mostly concerned with a service or product. Usually which an advertiser affiliates to the streamer’s own version or style of advertisement. These types of ads are not recognizable. These ads are non-skippable. Promotions pay the streamers their own choice of money, and the part of which might or might not go to Twitch. 

  • Banners 

Banners are like pop-ups, and well these are never in the video format. At best, these can have little GIFs in them, covering just a small part of the screen. Banners usually never interfere with the ongoing stream of video or sound. So, if you have an ad blocker or such a good third-party extension, you can easily get rid of these stringy advertisements. 

banner ads twitch

  • PPC

These Pay-Per-Click ads are mostly intended for revenue generation of Twitch. Most of the ads like PPC are mid-roll ads and put up by Twitch. The bigger problem with these ads is that they are not good for streamers themselves. Now, imagine your streamer pulls up an amazing stunt with the in-game gun, and while the climax appears, all their streamers are waiting for the ad to get over. Since streams are preferred live, and action missed cannot be re-watched. As the stream does not pause when the ad appears. 

Block Twitch Ads on Android

Blocking ads on Twitch is not device-oriented because if you install the app. Then there is possibly no way you can do something to get rid of ads. But if you choose the android device to use the web player, then there are two or three ways we can at least try to get rid of ads on Twitch. But to discuss the best one is to install Adblocker and update it to the latest definition. To enable HTTPS Filtering, you need to go to the top menu, and then in the options, and then toggle it on. Once again, we would tell you that if you use the native applications, you would not be able to get rid of ads even if you use HTTPS Filtering. 

Block Twitch Ads on Android

In android, you can either use Adblocker, Ad guard, or AdBlock. These all services have different names, but they are essentially the same architecture and serve a similar purpose. Also, keep note that not all the ads will get blocked using this method. In fact, there is no way in 2021 to absolutely get rid of all the ads collectively. But, you will experience lesser ads in comparison. 

Why Am I Getting Ads on My Twitch Prime Subscription?

The answer to this is that even if you have Twitch Prime subscription, it is still not the most premium subscription which Twitch offers. Now, Twitch offers many levels of premium, which users can opt for depending on their budget or need. Prime subscription does allow you more features than the normal no subscription version. But it is not the one to show you no ads at all. For subscribing to the ad-free version of premium. We need to get upgraded to the Twitch Turbo, which is fully devoid of ads. 

Block Twitch Ads on iOS

Since Apple has its own hardware and software platform, it becomes challenging to manipulate the core of the Apple ecosystem. So, here we go telling again that if you are trying to watch Twitch streams on their standalone apps, you will be helpless and have to watch ads. Streaming Twitch on the browser is equally fun and similarly functional.

Block Twitch Ads on iOS

And if you watch it on Safari, it is nice because there you can opt for the remove ads feature, couldn’t you? Moreover, in apple, you can still have other browsers like chrome and Firefox. The method then, to block ads on Twitch in iOS while streaming on browser, goes as same as blocking ads on Android. You have to install the Ad guard application and check for the latest updates within the app. And once the app shows that it is updated to the latest version. Then go to the hamburger menu on the top to enter the options in the options toggle on the HTTPS Filtering to enjoy ad-free streams on Twitch on your iOS. 

Using a VPN

Using a VPN can be really useful and, if done properly, just might help your problem with ads altogether. Now you would be amazed to know that when it comes to Twitch. Twitch is one of those streaming services which is almost totally ad-free. Twitch is ad-free in a few selected countries. In fact, if you use good premium VPN services, you can allocate your fake location to somewhere in non-native European countries.

And even in parts of South America, where English is not the mainstream language, it becomes actually ad-free. Let us give some examples- Costa Rica, Serbia, Hungary, Ukraine, and then most parts of Russia go ad-free. The real reason is that when people make ads. Then they usually prefer it in English. Because it is a globally recognized language. And making an ad for a specific language is just a waste of money if it does not gets appropriate conversion, and while this lasts, let us enjoy it. 

Using Twitch. ls

Twitch can also be streamed via Twitch. Ls. Now let us tell you how we can use it in our best interest. Besides, when we tell that you can watch the live stream apart from the innate app and the browser website. However, let’s say that you will get a few seconds delay, but that’s it. You can watch ad-free live content along with all the chat features. All you have to do is to go to the browser and then type- “https:www. twitch—ls/channel name”

Using Twitch. ls

Using VOD Option on Twitch

Video on demand is another option that we can use. For our effect- in which we can watch a downloaded or recorded version of the stream. This is completely devoid of any chatting or emotes feature. Now, let us stay that in Twitch. You need to watch some stream. But you do not want to have any ads. Video on demand is the best and sure-shot way with a little compromise of the chat feature. Since in Twitch, video on demand can also provide you with the forward and reverse if you miss any action. 

Using an Alternate Player

Alternate players are a very good option to watch streams on Twitch. So, there is one example that goes in the form of Pocket Plays. This is a safe app on which you can watch stream Twitch. Stream Twitch without adverts and still get options to chat and other things. 

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Hello, we hope that this goes without saying that when it comes to advertisements, absolutely nobody likes them. And that is how we are now meandering around such measures on the internet on How to Block Twitch Ads on Android & iOS. The problem arose in the community when uBlock ceased blocking ads on Twitch.

Here, we have discussed all possible and hundred percent effective ways on how to do it. Moreover, if you still feel you have something to share. Feel free to share your thoughts in the comment section below.