Is coding hard?

Coding is a modern profession of modern time in this age of science and technology. Though it requires a lot of focus and concentration, it doesn’t mean that it is hard or impossible to be a developer. The time is gone when a layperson couldn’t learn without a specific person who could train. Now a series of training and easy books are available to know more and practice makes a man perfect. A few months of proper focus and devotion can make a person a good developer indeed. It is getting as people have started taking an interest in it, and it is becoming a rewarding profession for the youth. 

Coding team collaboration

Working alone and taking responsibility for your work is easy, but when you have to deal with a team, it becomes a challenge. The team members work with their mindset, and the integration of the parts of small projects is time taking and sometimes painful for the developers. There are soft solutions for workforce development to manage teamwork smoothly and efficiently. The performance of team members can be analyzed through applications, and the work can be improved. Overseeing and review of the project is a prominent part of project analysis that is challenging and time-consuming. But the soft technology is again here to manage all the related functions. 

Top Tools

Following are some of the tools to help the developers work in a hassle-free manner.

  • Pluralsight Flow 
  • Waydev
  • Code Climate
  • Codacy

How are these tools helpful?

  • These tools provide multiple matrices to analyze and track the performance of the developers who add codes to the final projects. It is hard for the developers to stay before the screens the whole day and monitor the work progress. These tools enable the leaders to have a true knowledge of the work done by each individual. These tools facilitate the developers to measure the performance and efficiency of the developers by checking who is creating the new code and who depends more on the resubmitting. New code is always challenging, and it requires expertise and skill, while copying is a cheap technique to reassemble the old pieces of the work already used for a specific project. 
  • The tools are reliable as they help to understand the importance of review time. The reviewers should be as fast as possible to tell about the efficiency of the code in no time. The review process is also made easy by the tools to facilitate the developers to the maximum possible level. The developer can also trace the changes made against the comment given by the reviewer. 
  • A different aspect of team collaboration, like sharing and storing of information between the team members, is hard to manage, but these tools provide this facility by ensuring the related matrices that help to manage the team collaboration. 

Conclusion: Coding is not as hard as it used to be once a time. Now there is a variety of tools that makes the work of developer easy and smooth.