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Do you love dinner parties and want to start hosting your own? It can be a bit harder than you might think. Many people tend to bite off more than they can chew, while others may not do enough. There is a balance to it that may take some time to learn. 

Here are 12 things you should do to prepare for your first dinner party. 

Create Your Invite List

Before you can start planning your dinner party, you need to create an invite list. This will help inform many of the decisions you will make moving forward. These decisions will include what activities you should do, how much food to get, what type of food to get, and what time to host the party. 

Invite People That Will Have a Good Time

While making this guest list, it is critical to consider those who enjoy being in large group settings. If you know of any individuals who may be uncomfortable in this setting, you should consider not inviting them or inviting additional people that will make them more comfortable. 

Keep It Simple 

Since this is your first dinner party, you should keep it simple and withhold any grand expectations. It is easy to see parties in the movies or save Pinterest photos that make you think you could pull off the most elaborate party of the century. But unfortunately, it is not as easy as that. To avoid disappointment and stress, keep it simple by focusing on a few good party ideas and save the elaborate plans for a later date. Wine delivery is a great example of an easy way to have a great party that is little stress to you. 

Clean Your House the Smart Way 

The thought of several people coming into your home could send anyone into a stress-induced cleaning frenzy. This frenzy will cause you to look at every detail with an overanalyzing eye and often causes you to clean things that really don’t need cleaning. Few people will notice that your baseboards are a little dusty. So, be sure to just focus on the big-ticket items

Supply the Alcohol 

Take advantage of wine delivery options! If you and your friends enjoy drinking socially, then an easy way to win the crowd is to supply all the alcohol for the night. Wine is great. Free wine is better. You can go to the store and pick it up yourself, or you could take advantage of wine delivery services to make it easier on you. Just make sure it is there in time for the party. 

Have Food

In addition to wine delivery, food is another big-ticket item you should provide. Whether it’s simple hors d’oeuvres or a catered menu, feeding your partygoers is an easy way to make everyone happy. 

Decorate in Some Way 

You do not have to go crazy with decorations. This is where you can get really tripped up and become stressed. Just take a little time to put up a few appropriately themed decorations.

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Don’t Say No to Help

After you send your invites out and place your order for wine delivery, do not be surprised if a few of your friends want to jump in and help with the party. This can be a great bonding experience, take the stress off you, and ultimately make your party more memorable. Let them bring dessert, help with decorations, or even help plan the theme. 

Know Who Will Be There 

Make sure to have your guests RSVP. It is critical to know who will be there so you can plan accordingly. Some people may be vegan, and you need to have something for them to eat. Others may need to bring their kids, and you need to prepare a place for them to sit. Knowing who is coming will allow you to be the best host you can be. 

Create a Playlist 

Everyone knows it is not a great dinner party if there is no good music. Creating or finding a long playlist filled with classics or theme-appropriate music can be the difference between a standard dinner party and a great one. So, don’t leave that part out. Buy a Bluetooth speaker if you have to. 

Make Sure the Food is Stationed Appropriately 

One detail that many party planners forget to pay attention to is the location of the food. Naturally, you may think of the kitchen, but this is the last place you want it. Unless you want everyone to be in the kitchen, people will congregate near the food, so be sure to place the food in a place where you want people to be. 

Have a Plan

Having a plan for the night is a great way to ensure that the party progresses naturally. This way, there is never a dull moment. For example, people tend to arrive at parties, get a drink, eat some food, and converse. Eventually, the conversation ends, and people are left awkwardly standing around. Don’t let this happen. Right before the conversation drops, start the activity to keep the night promptly moving. 

Don’t Forget to Enjoy 

Lastly, don’t forget to enjoy the night yourself. It can be easy to get caught up in planning and hosting and end up feeling like you missed out on the whole night. Party planning is work, but it shouldn’t feel like work at the end of it all. Enjoy it! 

Good Luck! 

Now that you are locked and loaded with a few tips and tricks start planning your very first dinner party and become the favorite party house of your friend group. They will be delightfully surprised and excited for more to come.