INTRODUCTION As per the name concerned Hospital Playlist, viewers can draw their attention on the genre of the series which is apart from the romantic, horror or so on and so forth. Being a South Korean drama , which is mainly famous for romantic genre, here it primarily focused on the hospital and its staff. Right after the end of season 1 of Hospital Playlist , premiered on march 12, 2020. Netflix have renewed its second season which will be hitting exactly like the previous one. With 8.7 IMDb rating out of 10 Hospital Playlist has rapidly gained popularity and became the ninth highest-rated Korean drama in television history.


All characters of season 1 is going to be back on season 2, to reprise their role of doctors. Thus, the second most season of Hospital Playlist is going to consist of same caste as it was on season 1.

The following characters are being nominated, same as season 1 of Hospital Playlist :

Jo Jung-Suk as the doctor Lee Ik-Joon. Yoo Yeon-Seok as doctor Ahn Jung-Won, Kim Dae-Myung as doctor Yang Seok-Hyung, Jung Kyung-Ho as doctor Kim Joon-Wan, and Jeon Mi-do as doctor Chae Song-Hwa. Preliminary all viewers are ready for the another season of amazing acting in the Hospital Playlist.


The first season of Hospital Playlist ended with many incomplete answers on viewers mind after a romance was brewing between Ik-Joon and Song-Hwa. While Ik-Joon was struggling with his feelings for Song-Hwa, she was entirely against them being together. Later on Ik-Joon left for Spain, making an incomplete relationship.

 Instead of taking over late father’s company, Seok-Hyung decided to stay and work at the hospital. While this decision left many unanswered footprints on the mind of viewers but Seok-Hyung seemed happy with his decision. Maybe this decision might boomerang towards him and trouble him in the next season. Also, his ex-wife, Yoon Si-Hye, contacted him after hearing of his father’s death. Thus, it seems likely to be questioned for him to get back his ex-wife and relationship. 

The turning point of being happiness took place when Jung-won confess his feelings to Jang Gyeo-wool, unknowingly that Jang Gyeo-wool have feelings for him since long time. It is being expected in the next season, that the viewers could see them in a relationship, and they may very likely take the next step in their relationship.


Fans of the shows are going to be worth waiting for a second season of Hospital Playlist, expecting to release in 2021. TVN and Netflix are yet to begin production of the second season, which is why they haven’t revealed a fixed release date finally. The show is going to be return with a bang and will be filled with more drama and more engaging than the first season.