The series was our crush last winter: Christmas atmosphere activated but without the syrupy side of romantic comedies. Home For Christmas had therefore made us travel to Norway with a heart to take: that of Johanne. And if, like us, you had followed the love desiderata of the young single woman, you are not without impatience to know who is hiding behind the door on New Year’s Eve. 

Obviously, you will not find an answer in the first teaser officially released by the American platform. 

YouTube video

On the other hand, it is with great pleasure that you will rediscover the (authentic?) Charm of the Norwegian village, mixed with that of Joanna and her irresistible little “Bridget Jones” side.  

And finally, for those who have not made a date, know that Home for Christmas Season 2  will be available exclusively on Netflix from December 18, 2020 (unlike the broadcast date initially announced on December 9).