Although it is not yet known which team he will play for, Thomas Heurtel has broken his silence hours after announcing his departure from Barcelona. The French base has used Twitter to publish his first impressions after the news of the day and his contractual separation with the Barca team.

Heurtel has taken the opportunity to thank the support of his unconditional and launch a message against those who have criticized him all this time. I wanted to thank the people who have supported me in good times and bad, leaving fanaticism aside, and showing that, to have values, you need to be objective and fair, not judging and condemning someone without even knowing both versions of the story.

 Heurtel’s representative announced that the player and the club had reached an agreement to end a situation that did not benefit either party. Of course, in the remainder of the season, the Frenchman will not be able to sign for any team in the Endesa League, including, of course, Real Madrid. Next season we may see Heurtel wear white.