Harley Quinn’s writer has joined the campaign to get HBO Max to renew the series for season 3. While Harley Quinn originally premiered on DC Universe in 2019, the show, along with original programmings like Doom Patrol and Titans, will move to HBO Max soon.

The character of Harley Quinn was a fan-favorite ever since her animated debut in Batman: The Animated Series. The show follows Harley fresh out of her breakup together with The Joker as she sets out to make Gotham City her own. As a result, she teams up with a motley team of supervillains along the way, including Poison Ivy and Doctor Psycho. The show was universally praised for its gifted voice cast and intriguing storylines and is still one of the most successful original shows to come out of DC Universe.

Harley Quinn writer Patrick Schumacker tweeted his support for HBO Max’s renewal of the series. Schumacker retweeted an HBO Max tweet, where the latter said users should reply with a show on the subscription support they have “been attempting to make a friend flow.” In a daring move, Schumacker responded to HBO Max’s tweet, stating, “Harley Quinn. Notably season 3,” before tagging the subscription service for good measure. You can grab Schumacker’s funny tweet below:

Schumacker is not the sole person to call for Harley Quinn’s renewal, as most showrunners wonder why this type of critically acclaimed show has yet to be picked up for another season. Former Daredevil showrunner Steven S. DeKnight lately tweeted out his praise for the series and asked if he could expect the next season. In the same way, James Gunn, director of The Suicide Squad, tweeted his love to the show also and joined the campaign for season 3. For now, HBO Max has stayed quiet, despite increasing pressure to revive the popular animated series. It is clear the Harley Quinn has gathered quite the committed fanbase, however, and anything short of a season 3 statement would be met with widespread disappointment.

While Harley Quinn hasn’t been greenlighted for a season 3 quite however, the continued calls for renewal may soon sway HBO executives to action. Even though Harley Quinn was something of a sudden hit, it’s since become one of the greatest shows to come out of DC Universe. Overall, Harley Quinn is undoubtedly a fresh, humorous spin on a longstanding DC icon – and only the right amount of mad that everyone needs right now.