The third season of DC’s animated series Harley Quinn allegedly won’t be broadcasting until overdue 2021. The popular DC first starring Kaley Cuoco as Harley was lately renewed for Season 3 in HBO Max, but it may be a while before fans get to see Harley back on show.

As a character, Harley Quinn has been getting a significant favorable focus for the past few years. Past the positively reviewed animated series, the Margot Robbie-led Birds Of Prey had a huge impact on the prevalence of the character, despite having a less than perfect turnout at the box office. The fast-talking and amusing Batman villain has gone from a very simple antagonist to a dear anti-hero thanks to representations such as Birds of Prey and the Harley Quinn series.

This news about Harley Quinn’s Season 3 release date comes show creators Justin Halpern and Patrick Schumacker. When asked about a 3 release date, both founders stated that late 2021 would be an “optimistic” guess when new episodes would emerge. It’s also possible the show could take even more time to produce, but Schumacker notes production ought to be more manageable this time around because they will not be making 2 seasons back.

After Season 3 eventually does release, Schumacker and Halpern have said they want to expand on the stories that they presented from the first two seasons. The Harley Quinn series has been commended for its openness to explore the continuing romance between Harley and Poison Ivy. Halpern says that he would like to include some episodes from Poison Ivy’s point of view. Schumacker adds he would like to research Commissioner Gordon more and show how Gotham’s citizens are disapproving of his leadership.

Fans have some idea of how what to expect from Season 3 of Harley Quinn, but the Season 2 finale still left unanswered queries. The 2021 release date may be disappointing for fans anxiously awaiting new episodes, but the time set in by the show’s authors will hopefully produce a more exciting and engaging season. Harley Quinn Season 3 will soon be available on HBO Max, hopefully, sooner rather than later.