Haikyuu Season 5

Haruichi fun date created and imprinted a Japanese shonen manga and later made it into a television series.

It aired between April 2014 and December 2015, before ending after 25 episodes. The second season’s premiere was on October 2015. A new season followed in next year’s December.

While it was its fourth revival, “Haikyuu!” To the top was to be released in two-courses, with the first comprising 13 episodes and the rest 12. The story is simple and captivating, but it has been praised by everyone.

Haikyuu Season 5

Cast And Plot

The end of Season 4 saw Karasuno High win against the formidable Inarizaki. Now the players want to rest, but Hinata states that he cannot continue to play another match. However, players can retire to face Nekoma High the next day. As per the manga series, we expect the story to continue in Haikyuu Season 5 Chapter 293 with the main focus on the match between Nekoma & Karasuno.

Release Date

‘Haikyuu!! ! season 4 also known by ‘Haikyu! To The Top, which aired 25 episodes, debuted on January 11, 2020. A season was split this year for the first-time in the show’s history. The COVID pandemic caused a five-month delay between cour 1’s end and cour 2’s first episode. Season 5 has yet to be released by the producers. The most-watched TV anime is ‘Haikyuu,’ so it’s only natural that it will be renewed for season 5. If it happens in early 2021 production will likely start within a few more months and ‘Haikyuu!”! Season 5 of “!” will be available in mid-to late-2021.