Gucci’s interest in the world of eSports comes as a surprise to many. Traditionally, the company is a luxury cloth brand that has differentiated itself from the others, with a signature mark sought by trendy and wealthy young people.

Many gamers on top eSport platforms are young men that have probably heard about Gucci; some have the company’s products in their wardrobes. Gucci’s marketing success perhaps gives it the right to collaborate with Faceit to protect the mental standing of young people bogged down by the pressure of intense gaming. 

Faceit is an eSport platform that understands the level of commitment needed to sustain high-level gaming on a csgo gambling site online or on a PC. The company, together with Gucci, will create the Gucci Gaming Academy, and to start it off, will be Faceit Pro League’s (FPL) CS: GO players?

What Does It Take To Play CSGO?

Searching the internet for trusted CSGO software and installing it into a PC is not that hard, even for newbies. However, the game takes a toll on a person when they begin their first mission to enter the competitive spaces with other top gamers. Players need at least a private rank qualification to have a chance to play with other people in the online space.

Experienced CSGO players have an edge in competitions. The most experienced always beat the newbies, pushing them even further from a healthy mental state. 

Trust is an issue lost in the online world of gaming, with many cheats lurking around. That said, it takes a lot of money to have the best weaponry for a better chance to beat people and move up the ladder like a pro.

However, before even contemplating the opportunity to reach the highest ranks in the eSport spaces, CSGO has the retake mode for newbies, which gives them a glimpse of the real competition with other gamers. The mode provides the opportunity to use every skill known to invade a bomb site and free it from the hands of the enemy. The countdown clock on the side to push the gamer further makes it more intense but prepares one for the pressures to come in the higher levels.

Emotions and Mental Issues That Accompany Esport Competitions

Solo gameplays do not hold many emotions. However, whenever other people are involved in the game, the body reacts differently. First in line with many issues is anxiety, the feeling that a gamer is not good enough to compete for the top prices. The feeling bogs down the player before the game begins.

Faceit’s gaming platform has real-world data about what players go through during the intense battle when gamers compete for the ultimate price. Those in the competition feel pressured to escalate their skills more, while others cook devious plans to outdo their competitors. 

Gamers eliminated in the early rounds have extreme feelings of desolation, reminiscing about what they did wrong and areas they ought to improve.  

Newer competitions, like the one planned by CSGOroll in the summer, should have a mental health unit. The game will pit staff members against the players. Gamers who win will receive rewards that pool up to 40K. 

Will Faceit’s Partnership with Gucci Work?

Gucci’s brands appeal to the young more than the old folk. The company’s mindfulness about young people pushed it to start the mental health initiative using its overly marketed brand. Faceit will deal with providing all the digital and professional coaches needed to train players, especially the newbies, on how to use hardware and the limits they should aim for to avoid breaking their mental wellbeing. 

The two companies have invited the WHO into their plans and even sought the advice of the top digital expert in the international health organization. In a statement, the lead digital expert at the WHO said the mental wellbeing project advanced by the two companies would help bring sanity to eSport and protect young people from harm.

Final Remarks

Gaming takes a lot from an individual beyond the energy dispensed while trying to reach the highest levels. Gucci and Faceit understanding of this will help many young people maintain healthy habits in their quest to be the best.