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While being a nerd wasn’t always considered cool, nerdy stuff is now everywhere, which is great for anyone who wants to add to their nerdy collection. With many large and small fandoms out there, you can find collectibles and items of all kinds for yourself or a family member or friend. 

If you are looking for some gift ideas for a family member or friend who loves nerdy stuff, whether they’re into Marvel fandom, Star Wars, video games, or whatever else, you can find the perfect gift this holiday season. 

Check out this gift guide if you need great ideas to inspire you on your gift-giving quest.  

A Quick Note On The “Right Kind” of Nerdy Gift

While “nerd” is a fun category, it’s a rather broad one. So, before you purchase a gift for a loved one, ensure you know what kind of stuff they like. You might already know some of their interests, but if they are a more casual friend or relative, ask a few questions about their favorite shows, books, movies, and video games.

Idea 1: Wow With Something Custom

People who are heavily involved with a particular fandom often love to gather unique gifts created by small artists or writers. So, if your loved one is generally someone who likes one-of-a-kind things, a custom-made gift is an excellent option. This way, you can change the gift to fit their exact likes. 

You don’t have to make anything yourself. Instead, you could commission an artist to draw a portrait of their favorite character. Or, you could order a custom calendar featuring their favorite films. 

Idea 2: Something Nerdy, Yet Practical

If the person you’re purchasing for is an adult who is moving into a new place or looking for more household items, you’re in luck. There are a plethora of nerdy-themed useful items out there. These objects include glassware with a subtle nod to Star Trek or a cutting board with a DC comics design. 

Some of these household items are more subtle, while others are obviously nerdy. They are a great way to add fun to daily life; your nerdy friend or family member will love them.

Idea 3: A Cozy Item For The Winter

For people of all ages, a cozy blanket, sweater, or jacket based on their favorite movie or TV show is an excellent gift. And, this present is even better if your loved one lives in a cold climate. Something cozy that can help them weather the icy temperatures is always appreciated, and they’ll love being able to show off the hobbies and interests they love simultaneously. 

Some specific ideas include a Minecraft blanket for a child who is really into video games or a stylish Stranger Things-themed jacket for a teenager. 

Idea 4: Gift a Nerdy Experience

If the person you’re trying to buy for doesn’t want more things or is particularly picky, gifting an experience or activity is a wonderful route. Many people today are looking for more presents like these, and you can theme the experience around their nerdy interests. 

A typically safe bet is a movie gift card, but you could also give a subscription service for the year. For someone you’re close to, consider giving them a gift to a comic con or a more specified event they would love to attend. 

Hopefully, these ideas have inspired you. Happy gifting!