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Today, we’re diving headfirst into the thrilling realm of video games that bravely ventured into television territory. Some soared to incredible heights, while others plummeted into the abyss of forgotten shows. We’ll also discuss other popular game adaptations, like The Witcher and Arcane, and consider what it would take for a Rocket League TV show to succeed. So, buckle up, and let’s kick off this pixel-powered journey!

Video Game TV-Show Hits

Pokemon: The epic journey began in 1997, and Ash Ketchum has been capturing our hearts and screens ever since. It’s impossible to ignore the influence this show has had on pop culture, boasting countless seasons, spin-offs, and movies.

Castlevania: This dark and enthralling Netflix series, inspired by the legendary game franchise, has garnered rave reviews since its debut in 2017. With striking animation, a captivating storyline, and complex characters, Castlevania has proven that video games can indeed give birth to binge-worthy TV shows.

The Witcher: While The Witcher originated as a book series, it’s also an immensely popular video game franchise. The TV adaptation, starring the dashing Henry Cavill, enchanted audiences and quickly became a Netflix sensation.

Arcane: Set in the rich and expansive world of League of Legends, Arcane took the gaming community by storm when it premiered on Netflix in 2021. The series revealed the origin stories of iconic champions while introducing new faces to the lore.

Video Game TV-Show Misses

Super Mario Bros. Super Show!: Launched in 1989, this peculiar mix of live-action and animation left many of us puzzled. Though it had its charm and nostalgic appeal, the show failed to capture the spirit of the games.

Sonic Underground: The blue blur has had a few TV adaptations, but this 1999 series left many of us underwhelmed. Though it had a catchy theme song, Sonic Underground’s confusing storyline and underdeveloped characters stopped it from reaching supersonic heights.

The Legend of Zelda: This 1989 animated series had potential, but it just didn’t connect with fans of the beloved games. The show’s light-hearted tone and one-dimensional characters paled in comparison to the epic adventures we’re used to experiencing in Hyrule.

Rocket League’s TV Show Potential

Now, let’s chat about Rocket League. You might be wondering, “Could this adrenaline-fueled, car-meets-soccer game make for a thrilling TV show?” We believe it could!

Rocket League’s intense gameplay and original concept offer a wealth of potential for an action-packed TV series. Picture a futuristic sports drama that fuses the competitive spirit of esports with the high-stakes action of a racing series. Imagine the cars in rocket league boosting their nitrous in the TV show running with an insane speed. Add in some unforgettable characters, intense rivalries, and jaw-dropping, gravity-defying stunts, and you’ve got the makings of a show that’ll keep viewers glued to their screens.

Will it succeed? That’s a tough question. As with any adaptation, success hinges on how it’s put together. If the creative team can effectively capture the essence of Rocket League while weaving in engaging storylines and character development, then we’re confident it could be a hit.

Taking cues from successful adaptations like The Witcher and Arcane, a Rocket League TV show would need to balance staying true to its source material and crafting a captivating standalone narrative. This might involve delving into the personal lives of the players, exploring their motivations for competing, the expensive luxurious cars like the fennec car, and navigating the high-stakes politics of the futuristic world they inhabit.

Another critical aspect of a successful adaptation would be the visual presentation. Shows like Castlevania and Arcane have set the bar high with their stunning animation, and a Rocket League series would need to follow suit. Top-notch visuals are essential for capturing the game’s breakneck pace and high-adrenaline action, ensuring that viewers are drawn into the heart of the competition.

Finally, The cast is the most important thing in a TV show, so they need to choose a perfect combination of voice actors that can provide a good sense of humor, drama, and excitement. By learning from successful video game adaptations and steering clear of the pitfalls that plagued less successful counterparts, a Rocket League TV show could very well find its place among the greats.


In the unpredictable world of video game TV adaptations, there have been both triumphs and blunders. With successes like The Witcher and Arcane leading the way, the potential for a Rocket League show is certainly there.