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Paris and Las Vegas are two cities interwoven into the fabric of casino gaming. We will explore how the pair operate in today’s market and the difference in regulations that currently exist. First, we will examine the history and how much both regions have brought to the multibillion-dollar casino industry.

Given that there’s an ocean and a few thousand miles separating these two destinations, other regulations come into play. Nevada has the most liberal gambling laws anywhere in the United States, and Europe has always had reasonably loose laws compared to stricter regions of the world, so there are many similarities.

The French capital falls under the jurisdiction of the EU and the gambling laws within the EU block. As a result, you can find many of the top EU online casinos that cater to the gambling needs of customers right across the continent.

Gambling in Paris

Historians believe two of the most popular casino games originated in France. It’s unclear whether they first started in Parisian casinos, but historians are convinced that blackjack and roulette began in the 17th century in French casinos.

Regarding roulette, the game title may have been a little giveaway as it translates to “small wheel” in French. European roulette is a popular version of the game in many casinos, both in Las Vegas and Paris. Despite the broader moniker of Europe, it originated on French soil.

American roulette is slightly different; the only distinction is that the American wheel contains a zero and a double zero. The French, or European version, includes a sole zero, which slightly alters the odds.

In Paris and throughout France, gambling is permitted not only in online casinos but in land-based casinos as well. Although Paris is known for a lot more than simply casino gaming, it is a city that has plenty of luxury casinos to offer.

Alongside its world-class cuisine and stunning cultural landmarks, it is home to some of the world’s wealthiest people thanks in part to its booming economy, which is the size of a small country.

Gambling in Las Vegas

As we make our way across the pond, Las Vegas is arguably the most famous gambling destination in the world. Although it is outshone financially by the colossal gambling destination of Macau, China, it has been the host of some of the most iconic events in American culture.

Elvis Presley performed an infamous residency for a long stretch at a Las Vegas casino. Many of the biggest boxing fights have occurred in hotels and resorts along the strip. It’s also been the foundation for some of the biggest films, such as The Hangover and Martin Scorsese’s classic Casino.

In the real world, Las Vegas is a massive hit with tourists. American gamblers often jet into the iconic strip to sample some of the grandest and finest hotels and casinos anywhere in the world. While plenty of Americans fly in, there are also plenty of international tourists.

When Nevada opened its doors and got the green light to set up several gambling establishments, the amount of money poured into the state was enormous.

Initially, there were problems with organized crime due to the amount of money available in the gambling sector. This area is expertly covered in the brutal Martin Scorsese film Casino, released in 1995, which stars Robert De Niro and Sharon Stone.

Given that it had the unique distinction of being the only place in America where you could legally gamble for the last 60 years, it has enjoyed billions of dollars worth of annual profit each year.

Broadly speaking, the laws in Las Vegas are similar to those in Paris. You can gamble at any licensed establishment, and you can also bet online. This is one area where Las Vegas casinos have finally started to face competition, as many American states have relaxed their laws concerning online gambling.

Online casinos

Regarding casinos operating in the online arena, the laws in Las Vegas and Paris are identical. Although Nevada has witnessed a small dip in the number of tourists coming into the city due to the rise of online gambling, it hasn’t been enough to make a significant dent.

If anything, it appears that gambling online versus in a physical casino attracts two completely different types of gamblers. This would make sense since many tourists travel to Las Vegas for significant sporting events or social occasions.

Alternatively, people who seek out online casinos often like to do so in the peace and serenity of their own homes and may not be partial to the loud casino floors and bright lights of Viva Las Vegas. With massive projections in profit margins for online and land-based casinos, it appears there is plenty of money for everyone involved.

Gambling laws can vary wildly depending on what region of the world you find yourself in. For example, many European countries have laws that permit gambling at varying levels. Countries such as the United Kingdom and Paris have laws that benefit gambling companies operating within their borders.


Despite the cultural differences between Paris and Las Vegas, they both provide a solid foundation for gambling operators looking to set up a business. In addition, online casinos have transformed how many gamblers look to play their casino games.

If you prefer the traditional, classic method of traveling to a casino to gamble, then Paris and Las Vegas are fantastic destinations for you.

The two cities differ in the type of entertainment they offer. In Paris, you can stroll through the streets and admire the historical architecture, take in the sights of the Eiffel Tower, and sample world-famous French cuisine and wine.

Las Vegas is known for its sensory experience, giant casinos, 24/7 nightlife, and colossal sporting events. While these two places may differ enormously in some areas of the law when it comes to gambling, there isn’t much that separates them.