Lewis Hamilton acknowledged that the nearly two weeks isolated in Bahrain testing positive for COVID-19 were terrible, physically and morally. Physically it affected me in a massive way, I never felt so fused, my body was not well, he said at the end of the Abu Dhabi race, third and without being so fierce on the track.

Now, after a little time, he puts figures to those 10 days confined to Bahrain. I have lost 6 kilos in the last two months, 4 of which I lost when I took Covid-19. I have lost a lot of muscle, and starting from a very low weight point now is not fun, but I am determined to regain my strength. and be 100% again. No pain, no gain , says the English champion.

He was one of the 79 positives detected after the 80,000 tests carried out on the championship staff this year. Only three were drivers, in addition to Lewis, the two from Racing Point, Checo Pérez and Charles Leclerc. FIA President Jean Todt believes that this is not over yet, and the pandemic will continue to hit the engine.

The vaccine will be good for everyone, but there may be changes to various schedules, not just Formula 1. In my opinion, half the year will not be as we would have expected in a normal season.