• Former WWE Champion Dean Ambrose suffered a setback. Know against whom you lost the championship?
  • Dean Ambrose has suffered a major setback for the first time since leaving WWE.

Former WWE Champion Dean Ambrose (John Moxley) has suffered a major setback this time. So far, his career in AEW was going well like WWE but this week has got big surprise fans. The AEW show featured an AEW championship match between John Moxley and Canny Omega. In this, John Moxley has suffered defeat.

Former WWE Champion gets a crushing defeat

Former WWE Champion Dean Ambrose has received a major blow for the first time since moving to AEW. Canny Omega and Dean Ambrose gave tremendous matches to fans on AEW’s show. At the end of the match, Impact Wrestling’s EVP Don Kallis suddenly interfered in the match, and Canny Omega bled Moxley. John Moxley tried to make a comeback in the end but failed. Canny Omega has now become the new champion of AEW. Omega has given this big shock to John Moxley.

All the fans were waiting for this match. It seemed that Dean Ambrose would be defeated in the upcoming PPV, but AEW gave a big surprise to the fans. A few days ago, Canny Omega also said that he would be able to beat John Moxley this time and something similar happened. By the way, Dean Ambrose’s wife Raine Young is also pregnant. Maybe Dean Ambrose can go there for a few days. Perhaps because of this, they have lost the championship. The reason for this is not fully known. But Don Kallis also has a big role in this match. He also interfered in this match and Canny Omega got the full benefit of it. Now next week’s AEW show will completely contradict why. For now, John Moxley’s championship journey has ended. He may demand a rematch in the coming few weeks. Now we have to see what happens next.