Facebook Dating Change Location 2021: Unlocking More Dates!


Facebook Dating has taken the experience of online dating to some other level. A person who is new to it will not face any difficulty in understanding it. Mostly it resembles already existing dating apps. Anyone with decent experience with dating apps will get comfortable with it in seconds. Today, you will understand the importance of Facebook dating change location & how exciting it is. Changing your location on Facebook Dating will change your whole experience of it.

Facebook Dating Change Location

People do not usually care about updating their location while using Facebook dating. After a point of time on Facebook Dating, the dating options start going around the circle. You start coming across the same profiles in which you were “Not Interested.” Many people don’t know, but they can access new profiles with just a few clicks. This is the magic of changing your location on the app. When you change your area, you get new faces to find the perfect one for you.

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How Facebook Dating Change Location Can Enhance Your Experience!

Besides all the exciting features of Facebook Dating, after some time, it becomes tedious for people. The reason behind this is the repetition of the same profiles. This happens because of fewer new sign-ups in your location on the platform.

After a significant amount of time spent on a dating platform, every possible profile has crossed your way. Now when there are fewer new sign-ups, Facebook starts repeating the same profiles. This becomes boring or sometimes annoying for many people.

Most of them lose hope from the dating platform and end up not using it anymore. But when told that you can still reach out to new profiles. Will you be excited?  Right? Then the answer to that is Facebook dating change location. Change your location on Facebook, refresh & boom, new profiles to find a perfect match.

How Can You Change Your Dating Location On Facebook?

There is not much to do when you want to change your dating location. It takes just a few taps, and the location will get changed to your desired place. Follow the below steps to change your location on Facebook Dating.

How Can You Change Your Dating Location On Facebook_

  • Open the Facebook app.
  • Tap on ‘Profile.’
  • Find ‘Edit’ & tap on it.
  •  You will find ‘Dating Location’ over there. Tap on it.

change dating location in facebook

  • Tap on ‘Update Dating Location’
  • Finally, tap on ‘Save.’

it’s not much of a task to find new profiles. What you might be looking out for a date might not be in your region. For that, you should look into nearby locations. As it is said, “Love can be found anywhere or nowhere.” It would be best if you kept looking in many areas for the person you are searching for. Don’t lose hope if you don’t find anyone interesting in your region. The perfect one might be sitting in the next place you will try. Try the closest location to yours at first, and you will find many new profiles. 

Benefits of Changing Location on Facebook Dating

Like many services of Facebook, location changing on Facebook Dating also comes with many benefits. When you change your location on Facebook Dating, it’s a whole new experience. Some of the benefits of Facebook dating change location are followed below:

  • Exposure to new and more profiles on Facebook Dating.
  • Increased chances of finding the perfect one for yourself.
  • Suppose you don’t want to expose yourself on a dating platform to people around you. Changing your location is the best way to do it.
  • In the new location, your profile will have more worth. For the people in the new area, your profile will strike as new.
  • Changing your location to a bigger city would comparatively have much more profiles.
  • The excitement of finding dates will always be there by switching locations one after another.

When are you getting such benefits by just a few taps here and there? Who won’t try? Right? Please don’t give it a second thought; give it a try, you won’t be disappointed.

FAQs | Facebook Dating Change Location

what is dating by facebook

Can I use Facebook Dating from a Place where it isn’t live yet?

The answer to this is no, as Facebook is quite strong and clear about its security. There is no way out for people to use it from a place where it isn’t live yet.

Why can’t I find Facebook Dating on my Facebook?

This happens mostly when your app is not updated. Please update the app on your iOS or Android and reopen it. You will find the dating added in the main menu.

Is Facebook Dating also featuring people from the LGBTQ+ community?

Yes, Facebook Dating is for all. People from the LGBTQ+ community can also look for someone for themselves.

How is Facebook Dating Better than Other Dating Apps?

It is yet very early to say that it is better or not. Due to its much more significant user cache data, Facebook Dating is likely to deliver better results.

Is Facebook Dating Safe?

Facebook is known for its high-end security. This add-on to the family is also very secure. Facebook has gone the extra mile in the matter of security on this new platform.

Closure | Facebook Dating Change Location

Facebook Dating is still very new. People are still contemplating whether they should try it or not. In such a scenario, it is obvious to find fewer people around yourself available on it. One should prefer taking advantage of Facebook dating change location to reach out to more profiles. When it becomes a whole new experience by changing location, then one must try. It’s always fun to have more options and exposure to more unfamiliar faces.

Such features give the leverage of freely tapping ‘Not Interested’ on profiles, which are not exciting at all. One doesn’t have to forcefully be interested in someone just because there isn’t anyone left to like. The experience of Facebook Dating yet to be explored by many people. If you are also one of those, I have one thing to say. It is worth a try.