Since millions of people around the world are fans of gambling, it’s no surprise that the theme has found its way into the movie industry, too.

If you’re in the mood to get lost in exciting plot twists and gripping storylines, check out our list of some of the best gambling movies you can watch on Netflix, tonight.

The Rise of Online Gambling

As the exploding demand for online wagering keeps growing, operators continue to launch exciting new games each month. People all over the world turn to online establishments as one of their favorite pastimes, where playing slots online has become particularly popular. This demand especially grew in the past couple of years, due to online casinos being much more easily available than land-based ones, and this trend doesn’t look like it is going to stop.

Online gambling has advanced much in the last decade and a variety of games grew every day. What is more, the technology behind online gambling is new and improved, and banking options are as best as they can get at the moment.

What is more, the hype behind online wagering expanded to other industries, too, and it definitely managed to put a spotlight on gambling-themed movies.

Top Gambling Movies Available on Netflix

If you are drawn to lush scenes of glamorous casino nights, or you just enjoy the thrill behind the unpredictable games of chance, you will enjoy our list of the most exciting gambling movies you can watch on Netflix:


Based on true events, the movie follows the story of Ben Campbell, a brilliant but financially unstable MIT student, who is in need of $300,000 for the tuition required to attend Harvard Medical School. Being a mathematical genius, Ben teams up with fellow students, and together with their university professor, they decide to go to Las Vegas and use their brains to repeatedly win games of blackjack. The group relies on a complex card counting technique, and as greed starts taking over, they are faced with some dramatic situations.


The movie is centered around the life of Bugsy Siegel – a gangster who owned several betting parlors. In times when Las Vegas was no more than a remote spot somewhere in Nevada, Bugsy was driven by the ambition to open a casino and turn the place into ‘Sin City’ full of excitement, hedonism, and intrigue. Eventually, he was one of the key contributors that transformed the Vegas strip into a casino paradise. The film traces Bugsy Siegel’s life, but it also shows the interesting timeline of how a casino is opened and all the hard work invested in the process.

Ocean’s 11

Ocean’s 11 tells the story of a group of skillful criminals led by charismatic Dapper Danny Ocean. After leaving a New Jersey penitentiary on parole, Danny is ready to turn his idea of the most sophisticated casino heist in history into reality. Danny orchestrates the team’s exciting operations in three iconic Vegas casinos – Mirage, Bellagio, and MGM Grand, all owned by his former girlfriend’s new partner, Terry Benedict. Besides the action-packed storyline, the movie also features legendary Hollywood stars such as George Clooney and Brad Pitt.

Casino Royale

Casino Royale, the famous James Bond Sequel from 2006,  is one of the most popular gambling movies out there. The plot is centered around agent Bond who goes on a mission to Madagascar where he manages to find a trace leading to Le Chiffre, a private banker who uses his money to support terrorist organizations. After discovering that Le Chiffre is plotting to raise funds through a high-stakes game of poker, MI6 directs agent 007 to play as his opponent. Besides the thrilling action scenes, the movie also presents breathtaking views of beautiful locations like Madagascar, Montenegro, and Venice.


Rounders tells the story of Mike McDermott, a young law student who happens to be a poker genius as well. After they’ve accumulated a large debt, Mike and his friend must turn to high-stakes poker games so they could get the money to pay off loan sharks. McDermott tries his best to dominate the ruthless New York underground poker scene, dreaming that one day he will win the World Series of Poker. At the same time, he struggles to balance between the overwhelming law school commitments and the relationship with his girlfriend.

Molly’s Game

Molly’s Game is a true story about Molly Bloom – a young skier who tried to pursue a career as an Olympic sportswoman. However, Molly had a more intriguing side of personality as well. For a decade, she organized some of the most exclusive illegal poker games ever. The players gathered around Molly’s poker tables were celebrities, politicians, sports stars, business magnates, and other influential individuals. The games moved millions of dollars until one night when it all came to an abrupt end. Molly’s fall left her with only one person on her side – her criminal defense attorney.

Lay the Favorite

Lay the favorite focuses on sports betting, one of the most popular types of gambling nowadays. It tells the story from the perspective of Beth Raymer, a former private dancer who relocates from Florida to Las Vegas hoping to become a cocktail waitress. In Vegas, Beth finds a job assisting Dink, a professional sports gambler, and after a while, she falls in love with her employer. Beth is in charge of placing Dink’s bets, and her unpredictable job soon turns her life upside down.

The Cooler

Bernie Lootz is a Las Vegas casino employee with a quite uncommon gift. This lonely, single guy has the innate ability to break the winning streak of every successful gambler that tried their luck in his casino. Bernie’s boss, Shelly Kaplow is delighted by his hidden power to turn lucky players into losers, and he takes advantage of it whenever he can. However, the circumstances are forced to change when Bernie falls head over heels in love with an attractive waitress. Bernie’s secret tasks are starting to suffer because of the new relationship, and his boss is looking to keep him by all means.

Whether you have a thing for gambling movies, or you just enjoy experiencing the thrill of taking risks without actually doing it, this list of titles you can find on Netflix will definitely keep you hooked.

Now you just need to grab a bowl of popcorn, choose a few favorites, and enjoy some high-quality home-cinema time.