Being a student takes you closer to facing challenges that will help you improve your skills and expand your knowledge. However, at first glance, you may think that you can’t do it. That you can’t find a topic for your essay or even write it from scratch. Even though these challenges may sometimes overwhelm and stress you, approaching the process step by step will help you handle it. Most students feel that choosing the essay topic is one of the most demanding steps of the process. Every student wants to impress the teacher and get a good grade, so both the topic and your writing matter.

Before jumping to searching for academic essay topics, you should know what type of essay you have to write. There are many, such as argumentative, persuasive, cause and effect, proposal, narrative, and others. You can find online many essay examples to read and see what the final draft should look like. If you’re wondering how to write cause an effective essay, you can find lots of examples of a cause-and-effect essay to learn more about its structure.

Choosing topics for essays can be done by having some tips in mind. If you choose a topic you like and have a genuine interest in, it will not be torture to research and write it. But it is essential to know the type of essay you have to write to make sure you choose an appropriate topic. So, looking for academic essay topics? Here are some that will add value to the paper.

Categories for Your Topics

Your teacher might provide you with the category for your essay or might share some guidelines regarding the category of the topic. Here are some of the best examples of categories to choose your topics for essays from.

  • Technology
  • Education
  • Politics
  • Social issues
  • Environment and Nature
  • Mental health
  • Social Media

But what are some topics to write about for an essay? Here are some free topic samples suggested by experienced writers.


Types of technology

The good and bad sides of technology

The impact of industrial technology on the evolution of factories

What is information technology?

About the dependence on technology

The advantages of wireless technology

How has technology changed communication?


Does education help reduce hunger?

The importance of education for growing a community

What is the impact of education on environmental issues?

Mental health and education: the connection between the two

Are educated people having more success?

Can education reduce crime rates?

What modern education techniques should teachers adopt?

How is technology changing education?

The importance of diversity in education


What is the correlation between power and morality?

Is power changing the way leaders think and behave?

What is the influence of international relationships on your country?

How has the political world reacted to the war in Ukraine?

Is terrorism something that can be used in politics?

What is the impact of an influential political figure?

Is democracy the best ruling system in the world? A comparison between democracy and communism

The legalization of abortion: pros and cons

How does the immigrant crisis look around the world?

Should the death penalty still exist or should be abolished?

Social Issues

The discrimination against LGBT communities

How can poverty be reduced?

How do women help societies evolve and develop?

Is overpopulation a threat? What solutions should we have at hand to adapt to it? What are the consequences on the environment and accessibility of food?

Online education is gaining more momentum and it was a good solution for lockdown times. Does it have an impact on obesity rates?

Is there a gender pay gap? What are the effects on the economy?

Environment and Nature

The difference between climate change and global warming

Why do people believe climate change is a hoax?

The impact of climate change on the economy of urban and rural communities

How can Europe adapt to the energy crisis?

The effects of climate change on the environment, sea levels, weather, flora, and fauna?

The sustainability of the future: solutions that help adapt and mitigate climate change effects

Is sustainable energy the future? What technologies do we have at hand?

Are electric cars as green as they are advertised to be?

The impact of invasive species on the local flora and fauna

Mental Health

How has technology impacted the mental health of teenagers?

The impact of the mental health of parents on their children

The benefits of psychedelics in treating anxious and depressive behaviors

Does marijuana have a positive effect on mental health?

How can career counseling help students identify their passions and dream career?

The importance of self-care for students

Burnout: causes and consequences

Social Media

How has social media changed the career opportunities students have?

What are the disadvantages of using social media?

How has social media changed the way girls perceive their bodies?

Use of social media and suicide: what is the connection?

Is social media changing the identity of teenagers?

Is social media making communication between people more effective?

The impact of fake profiles on social movements

What would happen if social media would disappear tomorrow?

What is the impact of social media on developing startups and businesses?

Should children have access to social media or not? Why?

The impact of social media on the dating culture

Final Thoughts

When you have to write many papers and you need to complete them fast, you might be looking for a template. There are many online that can help you structure your essay smoothly and logically. But when it comes to choosing a topic for your essay, you might feel challenged.

You want a nice topic for your essay, a topic that is interesting and fascinating and will catch the attention of the teacher. At the same time, it has to be a topic that you are genuinely interested in so that you will research and write with pleasure. These essay topics and ideas for your assignment will make the decision process easier.