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Nowadays, having a business without an online presence is impossible. Most companies invest in a corporate website with its domain and functionalities. It gives you visibility and a unique way to connect with your customers by selling online, such as write my essay services for students, exchanging with them, or sharing information. But for all this to occur, web development is needed, and we will dedicate an article to it.

What are the characteristics of a company website?

Before thinking about developing a website, it is necessary to be clear about what its characteristics are going to be. These, in my opinion, are the most crucial aspects:

  • The page has to be beautiful. By now, we are all very used to surfing dozens of websites every day, and we know what an attractive website is. The appearance is the first thing that visitors will see, and it is obvious that you have to take great care of it to give a modern, professional, alternative, creative, or any other approach in line with your business strategy.
  • Another fundamental aspect is that the website has to be practical. I mean that the user can navigate easily, whatever device they use (mobile, tablet, computer). It has to be intuitive to click, easy to fill in fields, etc.
  • The site has to achieve its main objectives and has been designed to do so. Let me explain: if the purpose of your site is to sell online, you have to have planned everything to maximize sales, with a minimum of intermediate screens to close the sale, visible buttons, the most appropriate colors, etc. It seems silly, but there is real science behind it. Increasing a button by 20%, putting it in one part instead of another, using one color or another, opting for a font, and many more micro-decisions can make sales multiply or divide in proportions that would surprise you.
  • The page has to load fast. Nobody wants to wait. If your site is slow, users will go elsewhere, and search engines will penalize you. Behind a good load, there are many decisions about programs, images, loading order of the elements, etc.
  • The web has to be safe. I say this both for the subject of purchases (SSL certificate) and for backups and protection against hackers.

Web development solutions

There are “turnkey” platform like restaurant website builder on the market that allow you to have an operational website in a short time and at a low cost, but, indeed, these options usually have very limited functionality. If you want to have a business website tailored to your needs and with the services you decide, it is advisable to seek help. For example, if you are in the capital, it is best to find a good web development company in Madrid that will put their professionals at your service and will have a customized solution.

The different aspects of web development

When we think of a website, we usually have in mind the final result from the point of view of the user interacting with the site. However, behind that is a technical architecture with different actors and jobs.

Front-end and back-end

In computer language, the front-end is what the user sees, i.e., the elements of the page with which he/she interacts directly, either by viewing texts, images, videos, and designs or by entering data or downloading things.

The other side of the coin is what is called the “back-end” and covers all the relationships with the server and database management. Because when a user enters new information, such as a new business blog article, or registers an email address to receive the newsletter, they are actually populating a database hosted on a server. But you need to store the data, be able to display it when necessary, protect it from errors and intrusions, and much more, and that’s why there are back-end tasks.

Web design and web development

The web designer is the person who is going to capture on the web what the user wants. He/she will take care of both the aesthetic and practical aspects and plan things to achieve the company’s objectives (that people subscribe to the newsletter, that there are many sales, etc.). It is a person with knowledge of programming and design.

The web developer has a more programming profile. He will collaborate with the designer so that the web works perfectly in both the “back-end” and the “front-end.”

Sometimes, some professionals can do both profiles.

What are the computer languages used?

Unsurprisingly, the front-end languages sound most familiar to users and probably to readers of this article. The main ones are HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. On the “back-end” side (i.e., server and database), the languages used are things like PHP, Java, Ruby, Python, or SQL. For a moment, while writing this post, I thought about writing a few lines about each of these languages, but I think that would unnecessarily lengthen the article and that quoting them is enough.

Do you see? Web development is a wide and exciting world. I hope this post has allowed you to discover it a little bit.