Sullivan’s sisters Daniel and Grace manage to break out of their mother’s control, making themselves into trouble. The girls are wanted by the police and private detectives. Incredibly, as soon as the detectives manage to get on the trail of the girls, they disappear. What’s happening? Where are the girls? Are they alive? Will they be able to find them? The twisted ending of the first season left many questions. And the main one is about the continuation of the detective series. The release date for Season 2 of Endless Sky is scheduled for November 2021.

Jenny, after parting with Cody, learns about his hobby with her close friend Cassie. They had a common life, Jesse hoped that after a break in their relationship, they could return to normal life again.

At this time, the two sisters go on a car trip. On the way to Montana, they have a conflict with the trucker who cut them off. Ronald is a mentally ill man, beats up the sisters, hits them with an electric shock and kidnaps them. Once in the back with another girl, it turns out that the girl who was selling her body on the highway was kidnapped by Ronald. The girls need to find a plan to avoid being the victims of a roadside maniac.

Meanwhile, Jenny needs to sort things out with Cody. She heads to his office, where his mistress works as his assistant. There is a fight. After explaining to Cody, Jenny and Coddy spend the night in a place after which they will never see each other again.

After reports of the two girls missing, Cody goes in search of clues in the missing persons case. He ties up with the local sheriff, who comes across as a strange type. Cody suspects Rick Legarski of involvement in the kidnapping, and he kills the detective. The sheriff will shoot Cody in his car and bury the evidence.

Road maniac Ronald does work under the cover of the sheriff. He supplies Rick with prostitutes, who are then sold for a good price. But sisters Grace and Daniel are not representatives of the ancient profession of priestesses of love.

Cassie and Jenny will have to join forces to find their missing lover and save the missing girls. But Rick skillfully covers his tracks. Will the wife and mistress be able to rally for the search and rescue of the girls? Viewers will find out about this in the second season.

Endless Sky Season 2 Release Date

The twisted finale of the first season unequivocally hinted to the audience about the continuation of the project. Thousands of fans are waiting for the beloved drama series, the release date of season 2 of Endless Sky is scheduled for November 2021.