Edge of Tomorrow (Live Die Repeat: Edge of Tomorrow) is a science fiction action film. The movie was released in 2014. Doug Liman directed the film. Edge of Tomorrow is based on All You Need Is Kill, a Japanese light novel, authored by Hiroshi Sakurazaka. The movie received a rating of 7.49 out of 10 on Rotten Tomatoes. It also featured on 23 critics’ top ten lists of movies of 2014. It was also nominated at the 15th Annual Golden Trailer Awards for Best Action and Best Summer 2014 Blockbuster Trailer. all of this points to a sequel. Let’s read about Edge of Tomorrow 2 also called Live Die Repeat and Repeat now.

Release Date 

Given that the movie was released in 2014, there was no news about a sequel until 2018. In March 2018, director Liman confirmed about working on the script with Jez Butterworth. However, the whole cast and crew was not on board with this plan because of prior commitments. In October 2019, Liman confirmed that the script was ready. Now the only thing left was for Tom Cruise and Emily Blunt to be ready. But this task is quite difficult. The film is left in a loop. With so many issues with dates, we have no release date yet.


The climax of Edge of Tomorrow had Major Willian Cage (Tom Cruise) defeat Omega. However, he seems to be dying in the process and floats towards the Omega’s time travel permitting blood. Cage then wakes up to his first meeting with General Brigham. He sees Brigham announcing on TV that alien activity has paused along with a mysterious surge of energy in Paris. Cage, now as a Major, goes to Heathrow and finds J- Squad alive. He then comes across Vrataski, who greets him coldly and feigns no acknowledgment of Cage. This occurred in previous loops too and makes Cage laugh.


Cruise and Blunt have agreed to come back for the sequel only if the script is up to the mark. That does sound fair enough for such famous actors. There has been speculation regarding a third important character. However since the writer changed, we still are not sure of its presence in the sequel.

Bill Paxton, passed away in 2017, hence the character Master Sergeant Farell would need a recast.