Based on the 1980s series of the identical name, and produced by Josh Schwartz, Stephanie Savage, and Sallie Patrick, “Dynasty” is an American prime time television soap opera which broadcast on October 11, 2017.


Wealth, power, deception, and double-dealing. what exactly does it take to build a dynasty? A contemporary re-imagining of the iconic primetime soap, centering on the strong Carrington household as they shield their throne from the Colbys, fresh rivals, and threats, as well as each other.

Season 4 Details

The latest season premiered on Friday, May 7, 2021, at 9:00 P.M on The CW.

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After somehow surviving her bachelorette party in the next season finale, Fallon (Elizabeth Gillies) only wants to get married to Liam (Adam Huber) and also have a nice, calm life. Those aren’t two words usually associated with Carringtons, plus they will not be this season equally as the happy few face their greatest challenges yet.

Risk and temptation are as abundant as diamonds and champagne! Talking of holy matrimony, Blake (Grant Show) and Cristal’s (Daniella Alonso) dating hit some blasphemous turbulence last season as they each strayed, and this season they will work even more difficult to make a marriage last. Unfortunately, the world has other programs — as do several enemies that cast up their destiny in the atmosphere.

Bonds will be broken and forged and friendships will be tested when they go down a darker path than anticipated. The road ahead is filled with betrayal, extravagance, and deception for our favorite billionaire family, and that’s on the great days. After all, as we have discovered, there is always someone lurking around the corner ready to destroy a Dynasty.

Where can I watch “Dynasty”?

Only available for streaming on The CW, you can also binge the preceding seasons on Netflix, and Amazon Prime (Cancel Anytime).