During the Royal Rumble 2021 broadcasts through WWE Network, Drew McIntyre retained the WWE Championship after defeating Goldberg hand-to-hand.

This was the first pay-per-view match of the day. Before the bell rang, McIntyre headed his rival followed by a Spear, and below the ring, Goldberg contracted a Spear over the barricade.

The WWE champion, badly injured, returned to the ring and the campaign rang. Goldberg took control of the match and attempted several more Spears but Drew contracted with his Claymore Kick, ending the match on the count of three.

In this way, Drew McIntyre continues his 76-day reign with the WWE Championship. The Scottish fighter defeated former champion, Randy Orton, in a match that closed the day on November 16. The two men faced each other without disqualification until McIntyre hit the Claymore Kick that earned him his second-highest title at the company.

Goldberg Appeared At The End Of Raw Legends Night

After an intense confrontation with Keith Lee in the RAW legends special, Drew McIntyre received an unexpected visit in the ring from Goldberg, who reproached him for not having respect for the legends of the company. The WWE Hall of Fame member challenged McIntyre for the WWE Championship.

The Scotsman clarified that getting into the ring with the veteran fighter would be similar to fighting with his elderly father, which sparked a brief physical exchange that ended those broadcasts.