Download Private Vimeo Videos | Here Is How You Can Do It!


If you have had a recent transition to Vimeo, you must be looking out for ways to find the download button for saving videos. Unlike Youtube Premium, Vimeo does not directly let you download videos that aren’t public. Some videos are set to private by the creator or uploader, and so they cannot be downloaded directly. However, there still are ways by which we can make it happen. Read the full article to get your dose of learning which is required to Download Private Vimeo Videos. 

Download Private Vimeo Videos

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Download Private Vimeo Videos | Detailed Steps 

There is this one way that never fails while attempting to download Vimeo videos, and it is quite a work. But, it can be explained step by step, as it is not what someone should do without guidance. Presuming you know all the basic things about computers like how to save the file and other things, we are good to go. Do remember to follow each step without skipping anything in between; otherwise, all the efforts will go in vain. 

private vimeo videos

Inspect the Chromium Page

The only requirement for this step is that you have to watch the video in the web browser, more precisely a chromium browser, and not on the app because then you would not be able to open the source code of the page. 

Whenever you watch a video and want to download it, but you cannot because it is not set to ‘public.’ You need to right-click the mouse/trackpad anywhere on the page. This will open up the options prompt. Around the end of it, you will see the option by the name of ‘Inspect.’ 

You should click on that ‘Inspect’ button. Inspect option allows you to get to know the CSS and basic ‘HTML’ page you are on. 

How to Inspect Vimeo Video

Now, generally, this goes unnoticed by many users as they find no use in it. But it is especially useful for developers and students who want to learn and make their own things on the web. If the video is paused, you should continue the video and watch it for some time so that the CSS and HTML files get loaded properly. 

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Using the Inspect Element Navigation Bar

At the top of your ‘Inspect Element’ page, which must be open alongside the webpage, you must see a navigation bar. In the navigation bar, you might get any options like Network, Console, and Source, etc. But you must click on the ‘Network’ option. If you click on the ‘Network’ tab, a search bar will appear on the left. In that search bar, type the word ‘Player.’ A bundle of files and other things will appear on the screen but do not feel overwhelmed by any of it. Most of the things visible on the screen right now are of no use to us for the purpose of downloading Private Vimeo Video. Let’s move further to the next step.

Inspect Elements

After the last step discussed above, you would have to refresh the video webpage so that all the new files can be loaded. Mostly, all these new CSS and HTML files play.

Refreshing the Page 

a crucial role in downloading the video. Now when after the refresh, new files appear on the screen in the form of the list. You should select the firstmost file which appears. These files are generally named as numbers. 

Save the File as a .txt File.

This step is fairly simple as this involves just saving a file as a text file. Now what you need to do is to right-click the file. Then, press on the Save As option. And then save the file as a .txt file. This is not an issue if you do not find the ‘.txt’ in the format options. You can just put .txt after the name of the file while saving it. 

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Copy the Video Link

Mostly, it is done. Now, there is a simple task you need to perform to finally download the video. Open the file you just saved in the above steps. Once you do that, a big page of notepad will appear with a lot of code-like text in it. But, let’s suppose you need to download the video of a certain quality. Be it 360p, 480p, 720p, 1080p, and whatever is the maximum. And so to find the suitable link, again go to the navigation bar. Click on the ‘find’ option, or you can press the ‘Ctrl+F’ button and type the quality of the video you desire. When you get the search result, then you must copy it. 

download private vimeo videos

Save the Video in your Computer

Now you must be thinking about how to convert the copied link into a file to save. It is simple. All you have to do is to go to the browser and paste the copied link into the search bar. When the video starts playing, simply right-click in the video. The options will come as usual, and you need to press on ‘Save As’ and choose .MP4 file format. 

And this is how you will Download Private Vimeo Video.

download private vimeo videos

Closure | Download Private Vimeo Videos

If you have been struggling for quite some time now, figuring out ways to download private Vimeo videos. I hope that this article comes to some use. We tried to explain each step comprehensively. And these steps are enough to enable you to download any private Vimeo video on your device. If you have any queries or doubts, you can reach out by using the comment box below.