Free Xbox Live Codes: List & Methods that Work in 2021 (Unused)


Xbox has now been in the gaming market for more than a decade, renowned by gamers all around the world as one of the best gaming consoles ever. Founded by Microsoft in 2001, Xbox has produced five gaming consoles. Streaming services and an online market named Xbox live gold, where players can download and install new games after purchasing them with Xbox live codes. Some users often try to get their hands on free Xbox live codes, and for that, we’re to help. 

Free Xbox Live Codes

Almost everyone wishes to have their favorite content, be it games, apps, or other forms of multimedia. Gamers regularly feel the need to have access to premium features, ease of access to newer games and downloadable content, and more. For this exact reason, the Xbox lives or Xbox Live gold marketplace was introduced. In Xbox live, players can directly interact with the virtual marketplace for the purchase of any game or new DC of existing games.

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Free Xbox Live Codes: How to Avail?

Xbox live gift cards or Xbox live codes are used in Xbox live, Xbox lives gold, or in the Microsoft marketplace for Xbox. They enable the player to purchase early access games, premium games on sale or for free, extend their Xbox subscription, and more. Xbox live codes consist of 25 characters, which have sets of numbers and letters in five groups separated by a hyphen(-). With features like these, it’s clear why many Xbox users dig deep on the internet for free Xbox live codes. 

Xbox Codes

Some other Functions and features of Xbox live codes:

  • Xbox grants the user an unlimited expiration date on the Xbox live code, meaning that any player can redeem their unused Xbox live code at any point in time.
  • Unlike the PlayStation console and its code system, Xbox enables the user to redeem the Xbox live code from any part of the world, meaning an Xbox live code generated in the US will be acceptable to redeem outside the US.
  • Xbox live codes have huge portability, meaning they can be used for the Xbox 360, Xbox One, Xbox plus.
  • Xbox live codes can be redeemed from any Microsoft site and used in any account of Xbox or Microsoft.
  • With an Xbox live code, the user can choose how to use it. It can be used to buy Xbox full games, apps, movies, TV shows, devices, and more. 
  • Each code is valid for one purchase only.

With all that cleared, let’s get into how to get Xbox live codes for free.

Free Xbox Live Codes Using Bing

Unlike Google, the Microsoft Bing search engine rewards the user for using Bing as their default search engine.

The user will be rewarded in points for each search. Xbox live codes can be redeemed using these points from the Microsoft store.

Before we bring out the big guns and reveal the sources for free Xbox live codes. Players must beware that any such source is prone to get banned or deleted from the internet; the free Xbox live codes generators working now might not work tomorrow, the codes produced might not be valid when opting to redeem them. It can happen due to the code being fake in the first place, a scam website acting as a free Xbox live code generator.

xbox codes via bing

Using Reddit Pages of Xbox

It doesn’t come off as much of a surprise to discover Xbox has a Reddit page dedicated to its gaming community. Here you can be part of the subreddit and be lucky enough to get free codes in a giveaway that happens regularly. Some of the subreddits are: 

Using Swagbucks

Swagbucks is one of the popular websites offering real-world reward points in exchange for completing online surveys. Completing small surveys will give users reward points which can be used to buy Xbox gift cards or codes.

Using Xbox Live Gold trial

Temporary access to Xbox Life’s gold subscription. Activate a 14 day free trial on your Xbox live account for a live gold membership. Cancel the membership before the end of 14 days to skip the automatic renewal payment for the live gold account.

Using New Email ID 

With every Xbox account having free access to a live gold subscription for 14 days, the same member can be renewed three times using different email accounts but with different credit card details, coming up to a total of 42 days of free Xbox live gold account.

Using life points

Like Swagbucks, this survey site pays the user to fulfill surveys and earn according to work done on the website. The points or cash can be used to get Xbox live codes.

Using Vindale research

Vindale Research is a legitimate survey site offering real money instead of reward points to users completing surveys. The offered earning can be as high as 50USD in some cases. Use these to acquire Xbox live gift cards or codes. 

Using Appkarma Rewards

Appkarma Rewards helps those people short on cash and luck! The app provides cash and free Xbox live code to users in exchange for small tasks or surveys.

Using App bounty

This app not only provides free gift codes or cards but also different items that can be used. Even after removal from the Google play store, this app is working and can be installed from the internet.

Using app station

Appstation pays the user to play games, and users earn while playing games. The in-game coins can be used for many purposes, including but not limited to getting Xbox live gift cards or codes. This app works on Android OS.

app station

Using feature points

 Feature points pay the user for completing surveys, playing games, or referring the app to more people. The points can be used to buy free-of-cost Xbox live codes. Plus, the app has a small size and works with all devices.

Using GPT sites

Known as GPT sites, these GET PAID TO sites are offering earning by doing menial jobs like watching short videos, installing apps, and clicking on ad-specific links. Finally, the earning then can be used to buy Xbox live codes.

Using free Xbox live code generator 

Users can produce Xbox live codes from this link given here. Moreover, the site promises a unique gift code to every user and also grants the option to select the value of the free Xbox live code. Steps to use the generator is as follows:

  • In a new tab, open the link given above
  • Then, you’ll notice GC BUZZ written on black background, wait for the site to load
  • Scroll down and locate three value options available on the screen
  • Choose one of 25USD,50USD, or 100 USD worth of Xbox live cards.
  • Then, the system will start generating a 25 character code 
  • And, click on human verification to complete a small survey or task.
  • The code will be revealed after completion.

Using Xbox Games Code Generator 

Updated on Sept 1,2021, this generator used email ID and Xbox username to generate a free Xbox live code. So, the link for the generator is here: games

Steps to use the generator are as follows:

  • Click on the link given above
  • Enter your working Xbox username id
  • Then, enter your email associated with that username
  • Select platform from three given options
  • Now, select the value of the Xbox gift card you want 
  • Submit and wait for the system to generate code
  • In the last, complete anti-bot verification.

FAQs | Free Xbox Live Codes

Where can we use Free Xbox live codes?

After redeeming the code, it becomes available to use in any account of the Microsoft market.

How to redeem an Xbox live code?

Head over to, log into your existing Microsoft account, and enter the 25-character code provided. Plus, once redeemed, your balance will be available to spend at Microsoft Store online, Xbox Live, Xbox live gold on Windows and Xbox. 

Does Xbox live code expire?

No, as long as the company Xbox or Microsoft is functional, the card or code remains valid to use at any time, only if it’s not put into use already once.

Can Xbox live gold membership be extended using Xbox live code?

Yes, Xbox live codes can be used to extend any membership, either Xbox live gold or Xbox game pass online.


Is there a difference between a Microsoft gift card or Xbox live code?

Both cards work and redeem the same way. In fact, if you redeem it once, the amount available in the account can redeem in Microsoft, Xbox, or Xbox live gold.

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Closure | Free Xbox Live Codes 

Xbox is one of the best leading examples of gaming consoles continually improving and expanding its features and products. Likewise, Xbox live gold is a fine place for players to purchase new games and have access to premium items. Moreover, the Xbox lives gift cards or called Xbox live codes, and you can use them to make purchases in the virtual marketplace.

Besides, many players struggle to find free Xbox codes, which might work from time to time, but it’s all about the luck of getting the right free code. Also, check out our other articles and comment your view down below.