At first, fans thought the second season would come soon as all 20 episodes of the first and second episodes were posted simultaneously. However, the wait was a little longer than expected, and the second half of the Disenchantment did not arrive until September 20, 2019.

Release Date

The series creator Matt Groening expressed his delight at the revival in an official statement, promising many more hijinks among the show’s fans. “It’s coming back,” he said. “There’s a lot of episodes, and we’re cooking.” He added: “We’re producing now. So I went to the studio to record, and I’m at home and recording things. We’ve done both. But yes, we’re cooking.




Speaking to Showbiz Junkies about the show’s star, Groening said: “Co-developer Josh [Weinstein] sat down and laid the groundwork. basically. “He’s a very interesting character that we got along with for a long time because he had a lot of flaws and is still popular.” He is clearly more intelligent and wiser than his younger brother, Derek, and he will not be able to rule. And, therefore, it is a very interesting conundrum for us. ”



Surprisingly, the second half ended in a manner similar to the first half. Once again, it seems that Bean’s mother wants to exploit him with some evil intentions, but this time, Luci and Elfo are there to stand by his side. The end of one episode promised answers to some of the great mysteries of the system, but now that the second half has come down, we still do not know exactly what Bean’s “future” really is, unless it is part of a “dark war for centuries”. We also do not know much about Elfo’s background. Before his death in the first half, Elfo discovered that he was not really an elf, but a half-elf. His father Pops the Elf was about to uncover the truth, only that Dreamland had attacked Elfwood. 10 episodes later, her mother’s identity has not been disclosed.