Dickinson season 2 is one of the fantastic American web TV series. The period comedy, black comedy and historical drama are the genres of this web TV series. Alena Smith is the only person to create this web TV series. As well as, there were nine executive producers for this series. Alena Smith, David Gordon Green, Michael Sugar, Paul Lee, Hailee Steinfeld, Ashley Zalta, Alex Goldstone, and Darlene Hunt are the executive producers for this web TV series.

As well as, Robbie Macdonald is the only person to produce this web TV series. Moreover, Tuning Fork Productions, Sugar 23, wiip, and Anonymous contents are the production companies of this web TV series. As well as, Apple Inc. is the only distributor of this web TV series. Moreover, Apple TV+ is the only original network of this web TV series.

Cast And Character

There were so many actors in this web TV series and they are Hailee Steinfeld as Emily Dickinson, Toby Huss as Edward Dickinson, Jane Krakowski as Emily Norcross Dickinson, Adrian Encore as Austin Dickinson, Anna Baryshnikov as Lavina “Vinnie” Dickinson, Ella Hunt as Sue Gilbert, Wiz Khalifa as Death, Samuel Farnsworth as George Gould, Chinaza Uche as Henry, Amanda Warren as Betty, Gus Birney as Jane Humphrey, Sophie Zucker as Abby Wood, Pico Alexander as Henry Shipley, etc. So let us watch these characters On-Screen.


The story of this series follows the character, Dickinson. She was an aspiring poet and she had fallen in love with her best friend. Edward Dickinson was a person who was the father of Emily, Austin, and Lavinia. Sue Gilbert was Emily’s best friend. Lavinia was the youngest person in the Dickinson family. She was much upset by her parents. Because they are not at all finding her suitor. Austin was a middle boy in his family who had recently completed his college life. He was finally engaged to sue Gilbert. This story keeps more twists and turns among the audience.

Release Date

The first season of this series was premiered on the date of November 1, 2019. Moreover, the second season was released on January 8, 2021. Each season consists of 10 episodes.